GameStop Reportedly Asks Employees to Dance for TikTok To Earn Extra Black Friday Hours

by Quentin Blount

GameStop has invited employees to submit dance videos in the hopes of winning prizes that include extra work hours during the Black Friday holiday shopping week.

With the holiday season nearly upon us, video game retailers like GameStop will be busy thanks to the release of the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Because store locations only get a limited number of hours that they can schedule employees during the season, the company came up with a way that stores can compete for an extra 10 labor hours for the week of Black Friday.

The company will be hosting a TikTok challenge for store locations. Extra work hours are one of the multiple prizes being given away. Across social media, GameStop is receiving widespread criticism for the “prize.” Company employees would essentially be competing to work extra hours. It is yet to be seen if the company will change its course due to all of the criticism.

Additionally, participating stores are supposed to send their best #redwinechallenge videos (any dance routine that’s set to UB40’s “Red Red Wine”) to the marketing firm Incisiv. As a result, whichever store wins will then get awarded an Echo 8, Echo Auto, $100 Visa gift card, and “10 additional labor hours” to use during Black Friday week.

“Imagine what you could do with all those prizes!” the contest says. GameStop’s event team also posted its own #redwinechallenge video on YouTube on October 28 as an example for stores to follow.

“Be creative, rope in your team, and have fun with it! Don’t worry, you can’t look as bad as the event team does!” the GameStop prompt reads.

Twitter Doesn’t Hold Back in GameStop Criticisms

Meanwhile, people absolutely roasted GameStop on Twitter throughout the day on Wednesday. Many were not happy in light of the company asking its stores to make TikTok videos for extra work hours.


“Submitting a Tiktok video to win work hours for Black Friday, could you suck any harder, @GameStop?”

Furthermore, one account on Twitter even suggested that their followers should not shop at GameStop.

“Here’s your daily reminder: #GameStop GameStop is absolute garbage. They have employees competing in a TikTok challenge for a free 10 hours. (Ie: Employees can win $70 on their minimum wage salaries for saving them thousands on advertising.) Do not shop at GameStop. Not a dime,” they wrote.