Giant Planet 10 Times Bigger than Jupiter Found Orbiting Giant Stars

by Taylor Cunningham

Astronomers have discovered a planet 10 times the size of Jupiter orbiting a group of stars once thought too hot to allow planet formation.

The newly found planet named “b Centauri b” is “one of the most massive planets ever found.”

And apparently, its existence disproves a widely held belief among astronomers.

“Until now, no planets had been spotted around a star more than three times as massive as the Sun,” wrote the European Southern Observatory.

Markus Janson, a professor of astronomy at Stockholm University, added, “it completely changes the picture about massive stars as planet hosts.”

Scientists found b Centauri b inside a solar system that’s centered by a “B-type” dual star, which is exceptionally large and hot. The celestial body releases high amounts of ultraviolet and X-ray radiation into the galaxy.

And according to the European Southern Observatory, researchers previously thought that the stars had “a strong impact on the surrounding gas that should work against planet formation.”

Everything is Bigger on b Centauri b

According to an article published on Wednesday (December 8th), everything on b Centauri b is “completely different” from planets within our own solar system.

The planet’s atmosphere is “dominated by extreme radiation.” And everything about b Centauri b and its surroundings is gigantic.

“The stars are bigger, the planet is bigger, the distances are bigger,” reads the article. And the orbit is 100 times greater than the distance between Jupiter and the sun. But that distance may be how b Centauri b survives.

Michael Strahan’s Trip To Space Will Have to Wait

Jeff Bezos has delayed Michael Strahan’s trip to space once again. The former football champ originally planned to take flight from West Texas on Thursday. But thanks to high winds, he’ll have to wait until Saturday.

However, Strahan knows his ride is worth the wait. So, he’s happily counting down the hours until launch time.

“Even though the plans have changed the experience is still sweet! Kicking back and taking it all in at “Astronaut Village,” he wrote on Twitter earlier today.

The GMA host will be taking his otherworldly adventure aboard the Blue Origin, just as William Shatner did in October. He will be one of six travelers to ride on Jeff Bezos’s rocket, which made its debut launch in July. The passenger list also includes Laura Shepard Churchley, daughter of America’s first astronaut, Alan Shepard.

So far, only scientists and celebrities have ridden on the craft that briefly orbits planet earth. But next July, he’ll welcome regular passengers.