Guy Tries To Take a Selfie and Huge Wave Slams Him

by John Jamison

Despite her being undefeated, people tend to underestimate mother nature. One of those people is named Dale McLaughlan. He recently filmed himself among the waves on the coast of Ireland. Rest assured, things didn’t end well for Dale.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that standing still on rocks and waiting for a massive wave to pummel you is not a very productive way to spend your time. Then again, if Dale’s aim was attention, then he succeeded. He also succeeded at breaking his finger on the rocks.

If you’re so inclined, you can watch Dale get destroyed by the angry wave here.

According to The New York Post, he’s standing on the rocks at Giant’s Causeway, an Irish natural landmark. Dale looks to be having a great time as the wave approaches from behind. That great time vanishes in a second as the water crashes around him.

The 29-year old suffered a broken finger as a result of the seemingly pointless endeavor. And as much as we’d all like to believe the wave delivered McLaughlan some instant karma, the daredevil has a history of doing risky things for the sake of doing them—and he seems to take delight in the consequences.

Dale Made Waves in 2020 When He Took a Jet Ski Across the Irish Sea

Who is Dale McLaughlan that he’s crazy enough to undertake such risky stunts? Well, according to Isle of Man Today, he’s a Scottish roofer. Things are starting to make a bit of sense.

The Isle of Man is an island that sits a few hundred kilometers off the coast, between Ireland and the United Kingdom. It also happens to be the home of Dale’s 30-year-old girlfriend, Jessica Radcliffe. Dale reportedly bought the jet ski a day before his journey, and once he crossed the sea, he just dumped it.

In 2020, Dale Mclaughlan made headlines for taking a jet ski trip across the Irish Sea to see his girlfriend. For his apparent fascination with water, the man doesn’t know how to swim. Here’s a guy who took a 4.5 hour, 25-mile jet ski trip across the open sea, and he doesn’t know how to swim. Brilliant.

Due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions that were in place at the time, Mclaughlan was arrested a few days after he arrived at the island, per The New York Post. Luckily for him, his girlfriend was not only impressed by the gesture, but she’s ready to make Dale her husband.

“If he asks me, I’ll say, ‘Yes.’ It’s definitely a story to tell our grandkids. What man crosses the sea for a girl unless he was so besotted and completely in love?” Radcliffe told The New York Post.