Hawaiian Creek Clocks a 1.2% ABV After Locals Report it Smelling Like Beer

by Courtney Blackann

Island time means fun cocktails and throwing all your cares out the window. Hawaii may have taken this notion a bit too literally after tourists complained that a river smelled like a pub. Further, after officials investigated, the river was almost potent enough to give you a buzz. Well, almost.

On the island of Oahu, Hawaii News Now was notified that the Waipio Creek had a beer-like smell. They then sent a sample of the liquid for testing and discovered it contained 1.2% ABV – pretty much almost like a Bud Light.

Further, visitors to the area noted that the body of water smelled like so much like a pub that just walking into the area gave off the stench of alcohol.

“The other day we came here you would think it was a beer pub that hadn’t opened its doors for three or four days,” environmental activist Carroll Cox said, per Yahoo! News.

Additionally, the culprit was in fact a leak from the state’s biggest brewery, Paradise Beverages. The accidental spill leaked into the river, causing a mix of fresh water and beer. Some people may not have been too upset about possibly getting a little tipsy, but officials worked quickly to identify the source.

The spill was coming from a drain pipe that leaked from the beer company and into the Waipio. However, the cause of the leak was still unknown.

 “Right now, we’ve had the Department of Transportation come in with their representatives and we’re dealing with them and we’ve also been contacted by the Department of Health,” Anthony Rowe, Paradise Beverages’ director of operations said to Hawaii News Now.

He additionally added:

“It may be coming from us so that’s why we’re working with the proper authorities.”

As an investigation continues, the Health Department is determining whether the amount of ABV in the source of water will warrant added enforcement.

Sam Adams Founder Shares Father-Son Bonding Experience with Beer

While we’re sure the situation in Hawaii is no doubt serious, there are many people who would celebrate beer in any form. Just ask Sam Adams founder Jim Koch. The entrepreneur remembers fondly drinking trying beer for the first time with his father. It was an experience that shaped him and ultimately led to the creation of the popular beer company.

“My dad and I actually homebrewed before it was even legal. It was kind of a father-son project. We went to the grocery store and bought some cans of Blue Ribbon malt extract. He got some hops and yeast from a brewmaster who was a friend of his, and we made beer at home,” the Sam Adams founder says in an interview with Brobible.

Coast to coast, Sam Adams has roughly 9,000 breweries.