Hellcat Heist: Michigan Thieves Steal Multiple Vehicles from Michigan Dealer

by Matthew Memrick

A Michigan pack of car thieves went big last week, stealing two Hellcats and two other dealer cars packed with a whole lot of horsepower.

According to The Detroit News, the crew took a Dodge Durango Hellcat. Also, they took a used 2017 Charger Hellcat SRT, a Ram TRX, and a Durango GT from a Highland Township dealer. 

The Durango was an odd choice compared to the other two, but maybe somebody just liked the way it looked. The four cars came in at an incredible $329,000 value.

Police arrested three Detroit men ages 32, 20, and 19. A 15-year-old boy, reportedly a brother of one of the others, was also caught. 

Relatively easy to get detected driving those unique cars, huh? So much for going low profile.

Dodge Dealer Day of Infamy 

The cars came from Szott M-59 Dodge on Sept. 29. It was a quick grab with thieves going through the dealership’s front door. They looked through many keys and drove two of the vehicles straight out the building’s windows. Security camera footage caught the TRX flooring it through a plate-glass window.

In addition to the vehicles, the crew took duplicate keys. Inside the recovered Durango Hellcat, police found a “computer device used to reprogram key fobs.” 

The Durango had a heck of a night, folks. After leaving the dealership, the car saw use in several gas station break-ins.

Those guys, however, didn’t steal the cars. Reportedly, police believe they paid $5,000 for the foursome.

“The suspects are not believed to have originally stolen the vehicle but paid the thieves $5,000 cash for one of the vehicles, which was valued at about $100,000,” sheriff’s officials wrote.

When authorities chased the Durango, it crashed. The three men sat in the car, with two holding $5,800 in $100 bills and $20 bills.

Also found, a loaded semi-automatic handgun with an extended magazine holding 30 rounds and the key programmer. 

Soon after, Detroit and Livonia authorities found the other stolen vehicles.  

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said the great collaborative police effort resulted in numerous people caught up in a commercial auto theft ring.

All The Pretty Horses

Let’s take a look at the horsepower for those top vehicles.

A fair estimate on the 2017 Dodge Charger Hellcat SRT (707 horsepower) may be upwards of $60,000. The 710-hp Dodge Durango Hellcat retails for $80,000. The 2021 Dodge Ram TRX has a 702-hp engine and retails for $70,000.

If you really care, the 2021 Dodge Durango GT goes for $35,577 and has 295 horsepower.

In July, Georgia police recovered three Dodge Hellcats in an attempted traffic stop. Officers determined the Hellcats came from a car dealership in Perry, Ga. Authorities valued the cars at a combined $200,000.