Ice Cube Fires Back at ‘Saturday Night Live’ for Implying ‘Greed’ and Support for Donald Trump

by Matthew Wilson

Ice Cube is calling out Saturday Night Live after the show lampooned and made fun of him for working with the Trump Administration. The show implied the rapper supported Donald Trump due to his tax plan.

In a tweet, the rapper included a clip from the skit, which he reacted to with laughing emojis. He also said, “f–k you SNL…trying to reduce me to greed.”

The skit featured Jim Carrey as Presidential Candidate Joe Biden and Kenan Thompson as Ice Cube. It also featured Chris Redd as Lil Wayne. Both rappers wore Make America Great Again hats and discussed with Biden why they were voting for Trump. The duo said they were worried about Biden’s tax plans because they are wealthy.

At one point, Thompson’s Ice Cube said, “If you’ve got a Platinum Record, you can plan on him doing a photo op with you.”

Ice Cube Doesn’t Endorse Either Presidential Candidate

In real life, the rapper refused to endorse either Trump or Biden as president and took issue with the sketch. He had reached out to both campaigns to discuss issues of racial and economic injustices. He wanted both candidates to sign his “Contract with Black America.”

The Biden Campaign said they would address the issue after the election. But the Trump Administration incorporated some of the rapper’s ideas into the “Platinum Plan.” The proposed plan would bring $500 billion and create job opportunities in black communities.

Since then, the rapper has defended himself against criticism for reaching out to Trump. He insisted in multiple tweets that he hasn’t endorsed either candidate as president. In an interview on The Daily Show, he further explained his viewpoints.

“I put out a plan, both campaigns wanted to talk to me about it, and I was eager to talk to both campaigns,” he said. “I’m done playing this politics game, joining sides. To me, that doesn’t get the job done. You know, what gets the job done is to try to make a deal with whoever is in power and hopefully they see what we’re going through.”