Jimmy Dean Gives Trucker a Year’s Supply of Breakfast and Donates 100K Meals: Here’s Why

by Hannah Heser

A year’s supply of breakfast doesn’t sound too bad, especially if it’s from Jimmy Dean. That’s right, the Jimmy Dean company is giving away a year’s supply of breakfast, as well as donating 100,000 meals in the truck driver’s name. It’s awesome seeing a popular organization helping out the community, but why did they decide to do this now?

Truck drivers are unsung heroes of the highways. They put in the hours to get goods where they need to be and even help out fellow motorists in times of need. Just like one truck driver stuck in the winter storm gridlock on I-95 earlier this week.

A Hot Breakfast Saves the Day

Recently, a winter storm hit Virginia causing a sudden stop on I-95. While waiting it out, a truck driver decided to offer his supplies to people on the interstate with him.

Afterward, a reporter from CNN interviewed the driver about his deed.

“At what point did you decide to make a hot breakfast for the other drivers around you?” she asked.

“So, it was 8 a.m. and this driver is the only one next to me. I knew I had some breakfast and a microwave in the back, so I made him a cup of water with fruit punch and decided to get it out big,” the truck driver replied.

Furthermore, the reporter asked what he made for the other driver.

“It was a Jimmy Dean bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast bowl. He was shocked when he opened the door at first. It was him and his mother, and both of them were really appreciative. It was a really nice moment.”

Additionally, the truck driver headed out of his hometown with about three days worth of food. The food he gave to the other drivers was for his second day of food, but he’ll be home soon.

Jimmy Dean Surprises the Truck Driver With Unlimited Breakfast For a Year

Since the truck driver did an inspiring act of service, Jimmy Dean awarded him with something extraordinary. I mean, who wouldn’t want a years supply of unlimited breakfast bowls and burritos?

The company took the act of kindness to Twitter yesterday. You can check out the tweet below.

“This kindly act warmed our boots! Thanks for helping out your neighbor, Jean-Carlo. Since you gave breakfast to those in need, we’re giving you a year’s supply of Jimmy Dean breakfast and will #payitforward by giving 100K breakfasts to @FeedingAmerica in your name!”

Additionally, people were so inspired by this, they left nothing but positivity in the comments. For example, one person said, “This story is inspiring!” while another said, “Bravo Jimmy Dean! Thank you for stepping up and helping so many of us out.”