John Cusack Blasts Donald Trump Supporters in Scathing Twitter Rant

by Will Shepard

In a tirade of tweets, actor John Cusack attacked voters who cast their ballots for Donald Trump. In one of many tweets about the election, he labeled Trump as a spiteful, hateful second-coming of Hitler.

John Cusack began his tweet with hopeful news for Democrats, commenting on how the trends reminded him of 2018. As a reminder, 2018 saw Democrats sweep the House of Republicans with relative ease. However, Cusack continued to expound on his idea. Undoubtedly nervous, Cusack lashed out at Trump.

Instead of taking the high road, Cusack tweeted out his disdain for Trump with profoundly strong wording.

“But fact so many people didn’t just look the other way – but VOTED FOR the mentally ill virus spreading Child abducting Nazi rapist.”

Clearly, Cusack’s hatred for Trump is no secret.

Although Cusack spent lots of time on Bernie Sanders’ campaign earlier this year he switched to the Joe Biden camp. Cusack has been a fervent supporter of Biden since he won the Democratic nomination.

Tweet Barrage

While not a political analyst, Cusack has made a career outside acting supporting the candidates he strongly believes in. Though they are always democratic candidates, he has a large platform and many followers across social media to influence. Cusack spent all night and most of the next day tweeting his support for Biden and dislike of Trump.

In mostly positive tweets, he complimented the job that Biden has been doing and voiced his confidence. Adding a tweet this morning he makes it very clear that he thinks the race is over.

Cheerily optimistic about the close races, Cusack remains confident and steadfast in his belief Biden will win the Presidency as of Wednesday afternoon. In short, Cusack spent the night tweeting all sorts of things, many full of ire for the President. While other tweets remained positive, Cusack is undoubtedly nervous, like many Americans, to learn the outcome of the race.