Kansas Police Distribute 600 Christmas Hams Honoring Actor’s Late Father

by Hannah Heser

We have all lost someone in our lives, whether that’s a family member or a close friend. And Modern Family’s star Eric Stonestreet is taking time to honor his father’s legacy this Christmas. But he is honoring him in a way that no one has before, with 600 hams.

According to Fox News, Stonestreet decided to help local police officers distribute almost 600 hams to local residents for Christmas.

How The 600 Hams Tradition Started

First, this began as just an idea on the show. Additionally, Stonestreet shared the idea with his Instagram followers yesterday.

“As some of you know, my dad Vince passed away on Nov. 17. One of the many cool and generous things he liked to do was randomly give people a ham around the holiday season.”

And in order to carry on his father’s tradition, he said “I reached out to @farmlandfoods to see if maybe they would give us a deal on, or match a purpose of hams. Their response was; no but how about if we GIVE you 600 hams?! Yes, SIX HUNDRED!!!”

As a result, this left Stonestreet absolutely speechless. He knew his father would’ve loved every minute of this, especially because they’re carrying on his joyful tradition.

Next, he added what his family and police officers are doing this year.

“So today, along with @kckpdchief @palkck and Leavenworth PD, our family was able to gift about 600 hams to some fine people in Leavenworth, Kansas (where my dads business was) and Kansas City, Kansas (where he was a life-long resident). Thank you @farmlandfoods for helping us honor our dad this holiday season. We know he got a good chuckle and smile out of peoples reactions to being given a random ham.”

His Father’s Medical Condition

Back in November, Eric Stonestreet announced his father’s condition, as he was gradually getting worse. Soon after, Vince Stonestreet, died at only 80-years-old after battling chronic myeloid leukemia, according to FOX 4.

While Eric took the sad news to social media, he remembered his not being a huge fan of social media.

“He would probably be saying, ‘Eric, it’s nobody’s damn business that I died’ right now,” Eric wrote in the caption.

In remembrance of the man who gave so much around the holidays, his family describes him as honest, smart, and has a great sense of humor.

FOX 4 also reported what the Stonestreet family did to celebrate the success of the hams.

“After obtaining the hams, Stonestreet and his family were joined this week by police officers from Kansas City and Leavenworth, Kansas. People from the Police Athletic League in Kansas City, Kansas also made a donation to the food drive.”