Lady Gaga’s Father Posts Support for Donald Trump After Daughter’s Biden Endorsement Backlash

by Caroline Bynum

Lady Gaga faced major backlash earlier this week after sharing a video supporting Joe Biden while wearing camo and posing next to a pickup. Following his daughter’s controversy, Joe Germanotta shares his endorsement for Donald Trump.

In a concise tweet late Tuesday night, Lady Gaga’s father tagged Donald Trump, adding the election year.

Lady Gaga Faces Backlash for Mocking Conservative Stereotypes in Biden Endorsement

The ‘Star is Born’ singer shared a video on Twitter on October 31st saying, “I’m voting for America, which means I’m voting for Joe Biden.”

She received plenty of hateful comments from users unimpressed with her attempts to mock southern or conservative stereotypes. Gaga wears army camo and slams a beer on the ground while posing by a lifted truck in the video.

Even Kid Rock gave subtle shade to Lady Gaga’s controversial endorsement. His post shows”what camo is really worn for,” while posing beside a huge elk.

Lady Gaga’s Father Shares Differing Political Opinions

Now, her father gives his two cents. With the short tweet, he makes it obvious his political opinions differ greatly from his daughter’s.

Joe Germanotta is an entrepreneur who currently boasts nearly 65k Twitter followers. He has shared political beliefs in the past. After his Trump 2020 post, Germanotta added another comment explaining his political and spiritual beliefs differ. He writes, “Liberty and freedom of choice would not be political.”

He also shared a political message via Instagram on Tuesday night. Lady Gaga’s father posted a screenshot of the northeastern states shaded in grey and red while the votes came in on Election Night.

While the post is now deleted, many comments flocked the entrepreneur’s post sharing shock in his support after Donald Trump explicitly insulted his daughter earlier this week.

Donald Trump posted his dislike of Lady Gaga following her endorsement and Biden rally appearance.

While it seems the President dislikes his daughter, Joe Germanotta has made his pick clear: It’s Donald Trump 2020 for him.