Landlords Forced to Clean Up Hoarder’s Mountain of Human Waste

by Matthew Memrick

An English landlord is stuck cleaning up a hoarder’s mountain of human waste after his tenant left him in a terrible situation.

Manchester property owner Danny Hernon plans to take a former renter of 18 years to court for about $20,000 of damages after she left his three-bedroom house in a toxic mess. He discovered the disarray on Dec. 9. There is also a formal investigation by the local police over the damage.

The 54-year-old man told South West News Service that there were mountains of moldy human and animal food, used toilet paper, garbage, and bodily waste in every corner of the house. The New York Post reported on the incident.

Three people – a mother, partner, and child – reportedly lived in the house for years.

A Mess In Every Room

Hernon said every room was a smelly disaster, saying, “I just don’t know how humans can live like that.” He added that it must have been like this for years “for it to get like that.”

The man videoed the house and said he could “hear things cracking under my feet.” There were thick cobwebs and grime in every spot of every room.

As for the bathroom, Hernon said the woman likely continued to use the toilet after it became blocked at one point.

The man told the news service that she had moved out a month ago and was reluctant to return the house keys to him. The family reportedly receives financial assistance from the UK government.

Hernon said the woman gave her notice to move but kept “putting off turning in the keys.” When he finally got them, he was “absolutely horrified” when he entered the house.

When the landlord confronted the woman about the extreme damages, she reportedly told him that her $666 deposit would cover her destruction.

He shot back that it would cost almost $2,000 just to put everything in the trash dumpster.

Landlord Not Happy About Hoarder’s Mess

Hernon told the news service it would cost $20,000 to repair the messy house. He spent five days shoveling the trash out and hopes to complete the cleaning by Christmas.

But he hasn’t let the woman off the hook with plans to take her to court. He wants to sue her even though she doesn’t have money because “you can’t leave landlords in this situation,” and he doesn’t want her to screw over her next landlord.

 He’s hoping to sell the house within the following year.

Gov’t: Landlord Shares Some Blame

While the landlord has filed criminal charges against the former tenant, the local government has said he may be somewhat accountable for her mess.

An Oldham Council spokesperson said that “it’s important that landlords carry out checks on tenants before” renting out a property. Regular checks to see if tenants are following the rental agreement terms are also a must.