Litter of Puppies Saves Infant Abandoned in a Field

by Hannah Heser

Dogs and puppies are some of the greatest creatures to ever walk this planet. Oftentimes we don’t deserve their ability to always love us no matter what. They protect us from danger, such as suspicious strangers or in this case, abandonment.

Recently a newborn baby was found lying by a litter of puppies in a field. Newsweek reports that “the baby’s name is Akanksha and they found her in the Saristal village of Lormi,” which is a city in India.

How the Villagers Found the Infant and Puppies

When some of the villagers were completing their daily chores, they heard random cries in the distance. So they went on a hunt to find the mysterious sound.

As they approach the newborn, Akanksha, they notice that she doesn’t have any clothes on and her umbilical cord was still attached. Along with the discovery of the child, the people also found a dog with its puppies. According to reports, the dog and its puppies potentially saved the child’s life.

Furthermore, a local resident in this small town recently spoke out about the incident. They said, “It’s possible that the warmth from the puppies and their mother itself had kept this newborn alive. Usually, the temperature in this area dips down at night since it’s already December. I must say, it’s her sheer luck.”

Soon after the discovery, Akanksha was rushed to the hospital to get the necessary treatment. Luckily she was okay once found. Police are still investigating this case and looking for the parents of this young girl.

Bear Protects Missing 3-Year-Old in the Woods

This isn’t the first time animals have reportedly come to the rescue. Most recently, a 3-year-old boy got lost in the woods for two days but says he was able to survive with protection from a bear.

The young boy, Casey Hathaway, was playing in the woods at his grandmother’s remote North Carolina home. After learning of his disappearance, U.S Marines and other authorities stepped in to attempt locating Casey. However, the initial rescue ops failed.

But according to Casey, a friendly bear kept him safe. In a Facebook post, Casey’s Aunt, Breanna Hathaway wrote, “He said he hung out with a bear for two days. God sent him a friend to keep him safe. God is a good God. Miracles do happen.”

The story may sound unlikely, or even miraculous. However, one wildlife technician shed light on the situation, addressing the validity of the miraculous claim. “This territory where little Casey was found is perfect bear territory. They would definitely live in this area. So it’s definitely possible,” North Carolina Zoo’s Chris Lasher told Inside Edition.

Lasher continued by adding: “Bears are very nurturing animals, but they take care of their own. I’m not sure they would see a young child in distress as possibly something they’d have to take care of.”

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