Local Grocery Store Cashier Pays Veteran’s Bill in Heartwarming Act of Kindness: ‘Least I Could Do’

by Matthew Wilson

Everyone could use a helping hand from time to time even our country’s finest. One local grocery store cashier decided to pay it forward by helping a military veteran pay for his groceries. According to the clerk, it was the least he could do.

Not all heroes wear capes. Many are praising the Massachusetts grocery cashier for helping the veteran in need. Briar Poirier works at a local grocery store in his hometown of Oxford. On Facebook, Poirier describes himself as a lover of many things including: “music, knowledge, video gaming and compassion.”

Well, many people talk the talk but few walk the walk. And Poirier is apparently as genuine as the come when it comes to compassion and helping his fellow man. Last month, an elderly customer entered his store. The man was also a veteran as well. The veteran had trouble paying for the remaining balance of his order.

You see the veteran had a $25 grocery store gift card to pay for his items. But his order totaled around $28 with tax. He couldn’t afford all of the items that he needed. If it was a different cashier, the veteran might have had to put back an item to hit the balance. But Poirier realized the man was a little down on his luck. He decided to pay for the remaining balance of $3 himself.

“The gentleman had a couple of basic necessities and looked like he was a little down on his luck and the man fought for our country, fought for our freedoms, our rights,” Poirier told WBZ. “It’s the least I could do for him.”

Grocery Cashier Helps Military Veteran

Briar Poirier didn’t help the military veteran for recognition. But a fellow customer Renee Falcioni witnessed the grocery cashier’s good deed. She said that he acted without hesitation to help the military veteran and pay the remaining bill.

“I was an aisle ahead of Briar and he was cashing out an elderly man who happened to be a veteran,” Falcioni told WBZ. “And the veteran was short paying for his grocery bill and without hesitation, Briar took out his wallet and said, ‘I’ve got this.’”

According to Falcioni, the veteran was very thankful for the act. In fact, she believed that Poirier helped to make the veteran’s entire day.

“He shook his hand and said thank you and had a big smile from ear to ear,” Falcioni told the station. Additionally, she decided to share the cashier’s act of kindness with the world, writing a Facebook post in his honor.

“Thank you Briar for being such an amazing young man and a big thank you to your parents for raising such an amazing kind hearted, conscientious and caring young man!!!” Falcioni wrote on Facebook.