LOOK: NASA Snaps Lake of the Ozarks Pics From ISS

by Jennifer Shea

Want to see Lake of the Ozarks like you’ve never seen it before?

This past summer, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) snapped a photo of Lake of the Ozarks from the International Space Station.

From a distance of 251 miles above the Earth’s surface, the lake looks like some kind of many-tentacled invertebrate. It appears silvery in color against the green surrounding it.

The photo includes Lake Ozark, Bagnell Dam and the Strip, plus a portion of the Main Channel (mile marker 1 through 16), according to LakeExpo.com.

See NASA’s picture here:

Worried About Getting Lost in Lake of the Ozarks State Park? Download This App

As NASA’s picture shows, Lake of the Ozarks is a sprawling body of water. And the state park that encircles it is even bigger. It’s easy to get lost in there if you’re not paying attention to where you’re going.

Last month, two young women hiking a trail in Lake of the Ozarks State Park got lost. One of them also hurt her ankle while walking the trail. They called for help. But they didn’t know exactly where they were.

That’s where the What3Words app came in. As KY3 reports, one would-be rescuer had heard about the app from a colleague. So he turned to it for help in pinpointing the women’s location. He figured out that their location was somewhere between marker M and N.

“We do have maps of the trail in our trucks, but we don’t have the letter designations along the map,” Osage Beach Fire Protection District captain Jeff Melencamp said. “A lot of places you go, you don’t necessarily know the specific location, whether you’re out on the water, out on a trail or going camping.”

In the app, the world is subdivided into a grid. Each square on the grid is tagged with three random words. If you click the right square, it tells you your location and coughs up the three words associated with that location. Other people using the app can then figure out where you are.

In this case, the women were located at a square tagged “mouth, mozzarella and motherhood.” First responders got to them in time, brought them back, and treated the injured woman’s ankle.

Lake Photo Was Taken by Expedition 65 Crew

Meanwhile, the photo of Lake of the Ozarks was taken by the ISS’s Expedition 65 crew, which is composed of seven total American, French and Japanese astronauts, and Russian cosmonauts. Expedition 65 launched in April of this year and ended this past October.

The crew’s mission was in part to carry out experiments around treatments for diseases here on Earth as well as around cotton root systems, which could help us identify types of plants that require less water and pesticides to flourish. They were also tasked with testing a portable ultrasound technology and installing new roll-out solar arrays, per NASA.

You can see a gallery of images snapped by Expedition 65 crew members here.