Louisiana Mudfest 2021: Musician Chris Ardoin Shot While Performing on Stage at Zydeco Bike Fest

by Matthew Wilson

Things took a dangerous turn at the Louisiana Mudfest this week when Zydeco musician Chris Ardoin was shot while performing. The incident occurred on Friday night at the Zydeco Bike Fest at Louisiana Mudfest in Colfax, Louisiana.

According to the Advocate, Ardoin had been on stage performing during the incident. Louisiana Mudfest is one of the largest ATV and mudding parks in the South. Organizers are holding the Zydeco Bike Fest there this weekend. But Friday’s event almost turned deadly for the musician. Ardoin was headlining the event but took a bullet for his trouble.

According to his wife, Kerri, the bullet pierced Ardoin’s right side. Emergency responders took Ardoin to the hospital. In a Facebook post, Ardoin’s wife said the bullet thankfully failed to pierce the musician’s lung. But otherwise, his condition is unknown. She promised to keep his followers updated.

“Doctors said thankfully he’s a built guy. The bullet didn’t penetrate his lung and stopped near his ribs…Please keep him in your prayers and will update you all later!” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Saturday’s performer Lil Nate and the Zydeco Big Timers is bowing out of the Louisiana Mudfest event. The musician announced on Facebook that he was canceling his performance as a result of the shooting. Lil Nate decided to cancel on behalf of the authorities and public safety.

Louisiana Mudfest Shooting

The Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to the Lousiana Mudfest shooting. In an official statement, the Sheriff’s Office said they received multiple reports of a shooting at the event. According to these reports, there were multiple shooters at Ardoin’s performance. Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office said Ardoin and another got shot during the hail of gunfire. They confirmed that the second victim was a 14-year-old child.

Currently, the condition of the child is unknown. According to the Sheriff’s Department, the shooting caused chaos at the Lousiana Mudfest venue. Thousands of people tried to flee the venue. Additionally, two people armed with guns tried to escape by jumping onto the running boards of a fleeing vehicle. But authorities arrested the duo, though their identities haven’t been revealed.

The department wrote: “There were thousands of people at the event and many of them immediately began trying to leave. There were hundreds of vehicles trying to leave at once, when we received a 911 call that there were two people with guns that jumped onto the running boards of a vehicle that was trying to leave.
Deputies were able to arrest those two and they are in jail.”

Several fans of Ardoin have turned to social media expressing outrage at the Louisiana Mudfest event. One person wrote: “Praying for Chris. Yall need to demand to have security available. This is so so sad.”

Another commented, “It’s a shame others with ill intentions have to ruin it for everyone else. This is the best decision and I hope they find who did it.”