Man Dining at Texas Roadhouse Suspects His Steak is Too Small and Busts Out Scale to Measure

by Emily Morgan

One Texas Roadhouse customer does not play when it comes to his steaks. Recently, 22-year-old Antonio Chacon decided to celebrate his birthday at the popular chain restaurant in Pueblo, Colorado. During his meal, he thought his 6oz steak looked a little on the small side.

So, he decided to do what any of us would do in this predicament, and he pulled out his very own scale. According to Chacon, the weight of the steak came in at just 3.68oz.

The Colorado native ordered his go-to meal with fries and mashed potatoes, but when he looked at the dish, he noticed his sirloin looked “really small.” The birthday boy then went to his car and grabbed some weighing scales from his toolbox before returning to find out the steak’s accurate weight as the server’s jaw proceeded to hit the floor.

After complaining about the false advertising, he posted a picture online to air out his grievances. It now has more than 16,000 reactions and 92,000 shares.”It’d been my birthday. I ordered the ribs and steak,” he said about the incident. “I got a 6oz steak and when they brought it, it looked really small.”

Texas Roadhouse Customer Weighs Steak, Users Sound off Online

He added: “I’ve eaten there before and I know my steaks. I’d never really thought about weighing it [before]. If it’s 6oz steak, you’d have thought it’d be 6oz no matter what – even when it’s cooked.”

Chacon continued: “It weighed 3.6oz. The waiter was like ‘Oh, it’ll weigh 4oz or 5oz’. I said, ‘No, this looks small. It looks like a children’s meal’. I’d ordered an adult meal.”

“I never knew steak shrunk. I guess it shrunk a little bit, but it shouldn’t shrink that much.”Chacon also said the staff kindly remade his meal. Once it was done, the chef even came out to present the new steak to him.

According to Chacon, the new meal looked “way bigger and a lot better” the second time around. The restaurant also gave him a discount.

After posting about the steak squabble, some users online commented in disbelief, noting that the weight specified is always the weight before cooking. Others joked it was his own fault for ordering his steak well-done. Someone quipped, “It’s 6oz when you order it, then they cook it and it’ll obviously weigh less.”

Another said: “You actually took a scale to a restaurant? If this isn’t the most Karen thing I’ve ever seen, then I don’t know what is.” Someone else wrote, “Your first mistake was getting it well done.”

According to reports, Texas Roadhouse has increased prices on its items on two separate occasions in recent months. A 1.4 percent increase was implemented at the end of 2020, while they added another 1.75 percent increase in May.