Man Seriously Injured After Jumping Off Tractor-Trailer Onto Moving Semi on Interstate

by Jennifer Shea

A Nashville man landed in the hospital with critical injuries after he leaped onto, and then off of, a moving semi tractor-trailer truck on Monday night, police said.

The Metro Nashville Police Department said the unnamed man jumped onto the passenger side of a tractor-trailer, the Tennessean reports. The tractor-trailer was headed west on I-40. The man got on at 28th Avenue and then got off near Bellevue. Whether he jumped or fell off is unclear.

According to police, the semi’s driver saw the man out on the interstate trying to get passing cars to stop.

The man is at Vanderbilt University Medical Center tonight with a critical head injury.

Tractor-Trailer Driver Feared Man’s Motives

Apparently, the driver of the tractor-trailer brought it to a full stop. Then he says the man got up onto the truck, grabbed the mirror and tried to open the passenger door.

The driver, afraid for his safety, began to drive again, accelerating to speeds anywhere from 15 to 30 mph. Eventually, the man dropped off the side of the truck.

Incident Remains Under Investigation

Authorities are still investigating the incident. Anyone with information about Tuesday’s events on I-40 can call 615-742-7463.

Meanwhile, the police are trying to identify the injured man through fingerprints. He is reportedly a white male, age unknown.  

Incident Follows Deadly Crash Last October

That incident on I-40 follows a deadly crash last October in which a 21-year-old Nashville driver died on I-40. That one involved not a tractor-trailer but a smaller vehicle.

According to WKRN, the driver was in a 2014 Ford Fusion. He was headed east on I-40 in the far left lane, and he was speeding. At the curve near the Broadway exit, he lost control of his vehicle. It skidded sideways across three lanes of traffic, veered onto the Broadway exit ramp and hit a rock wall.

The man, who was not wearing a seat belt, died at the scene. Police said he showed no signs of impairment.

Such deadly and life-threatening incidents on I-40 serve as a reminder that a vehicle is not a plaything, and it can cause deadly accidents, especially when traveling at high speeds.