Man Lives Out All of Our Dreams and Visits 51 Pubs in 24 Hours To Set World Record

by Courtney Blackann

Breaking world records is no easy feat – even if the record act seems like it would be a blast. Though we’re sure this was one of the more fun challenges, visiting 51 pubs in 24 hours is A LOT of work. However, Englander Matt Ellis did just this. He set the record for “most pubs visited within 24 hours” and now has a spot in the Guinness World Records.

So how did the man accomplish this task? Beginning Sunday in Cambridge’s The Regal and ending at The Weeping Ash in St Neots on Monday, Ellis went from pub to pub and had a drink. The minimum amount of liquid consumed to meet the standards was 125 ml. However, the guidelines never said the liquid had to be alcohol, so Ellis kept his wits about him drinking diet soda and orange juice. The other set of standards had to be that some kind of travel was required between pubs.

This means that Ellis had to walk, bike, drive or run to the next spot. The difference in miles between his first spot and last was just over 17 miles.

Guinness World Record Holder Raises Awareness

Additionally, Ellis wanted to break the record for another reason than just having his name printed in history. He was hoping to bring awareness to restaurant industries’ tough year following the pandemic.

“It was all about the joy of pubs and the people you meet,” he said.

“Pubs over the last 18 months have had a very difficult time. I am a big fan of pubs – the contribution they make to our society and the camaraderie you can enjoy in them.”

Further, the Englishman said it was actually really difficult to keep going. His visits had to be documented by restaurant staff and witnesses who could validate that he was following the rules.

“I then had to run to the next pub – it was probably the most difficult thing I’ve done in my life,” Ellis said.

“There’s only so much drink you can get into your body.”

Despite the daunting task, Ellis was able to finish in the nick of time. He visited 51 pubs, which is 6,375 ml of liquid (or 26.5 U.S. legal cups).

That’s a lot to drink within 24 hours!

Additionally, back in 2011, a group of 13 New Yorkers broke the group Guinness World Record for most pubs visited when they were able to knock out 250 pubs in 24 hours collectively.

Ellis is the very first individual to hold the title. Even if the task is as difficult as he says, we’re sure there are some folks out there who are edging to beat the new record.