Man Wins Lottery After Number Choices Came to Him in a Dream

by Madison Miller

When people say they want all their dreams to come true, they don’t usually mean it quite so literally. Odds are, you don’t want half of the odd and eery dreams you forget as soon as you wake up to come true to any extent.

Imagine you were to close your eyes, dream of winning lottery numbers bouncing around in your subconscious and wake up to remember those numbers in perfect order. After that, you’d likely have a different perspective on dreams (and keep a notebook on your bedside table).

Man Wins Millions After Dreaming Up Lottery Numbers

An Australian man is claiming that he won the $3.4 million lottery after the numbers from the drawing came to him in a dream one day. He purchased The Lott’s Set for Life ticket on December 5. Now, he’ll be getting a regular payment of $14,269 each month for the rest of the year.

Apparently, the winner is quite the gambler. According to the New York Post, he buys the tickets for this game once a week. He found out he won after going to scan his ticket at the grocery store and nothing was coming up. After taking it to the head office, he discovered what had happened.

I guess it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, however. It just so happens he watched himself playing the lottery in a dream many years ago.

Each time he would buy a ticket, he used those numbers. He hasn’t strayed. Well, it paid off.

“It was such a vivid dream, and in it, I used the numbers to play the lottery and then I won division one. It felt like a premonition. I’m not kidding! This isn’t made up. It really happened. It feels as though it was meant to be. It’s incredible,” he told the publication.

Odds are the dream was just a huge coincidence. The odds of winning the lottery are low enough as it is (it’s 1 in 302.5 million to win the Mega Millions jackpot, for reference), but what are the odds of dreaming those numbers and having them be successful. Probably much, much lower. It seems like a whole lot of chance and luck went into it all (and maybe even a dash of manifestation and hyperactive faith).

Man Wins Lottery Twice

Meanwhile, a man from North Carolina purchased two lottery tickets that were identical by accident. Very, very luckily for him, they ended up being the winning numbers and he walked away $780,000 richer.

“I was just laying in bed watching a basketball game on TV and I couldn’t remember if I filled it out or not. I went ahead and filled it out again and the next morning my son asked why there were two different amounts listed … realized, ‘I think I filled it out twice,'” he said to North Carolina Lottery Officials after thinking he’d made a silly mistake and wasted $4.

Scotty Thomas, a dump truck operator, chose to take the lump sum of his earnings all at once.