Marines Help Santa Out, Deliver Toys to Children in the Alaskan Arctic

by Courtney Blackann

Because Santa may be pretty busy this evening delivering toys around the world, a few of America’s finest took it upon themselves to help deliver toys. The United States Marines helped children in Juneau, Alaska receive much-needed Christmas gifts this holiday season.

Like heroes on snowmobiles, the Marines invaded the snowy town as a part of the Toys for Tots program to help less fortunate children celebrate Christmas.

Flying to Kotzebue, a city more than 500 miles northwest of Anchorage, the Marines invaded the town with a goal to spread Christmas cheer to children everywhere.

Children shrieked and gasped when they saw the parade of gifts coming their way, according to the Associated Press.

“When you can see the smile through the mask, you know it’s a big, genuine smile,” Cpl. Brendan Mullin said.

Beginning in 1947, the Toys for Tots program has aided more than 18 million children nationwide during the holiday season.

“It’s really just to benefit kids. The sparkle in the kids’ eyes, that makes it worth it,” said Capt. Keith G. Lowell, a Marine stationed in Anchorage who oversaw the mission to Alaska’s Northwest Arctic Borough.

Tracking Santa Clause on Christmas Eve

Speaking of old Saint Nick, if you’re wondering how to track Santa this evening as he makes his way across the world, you’re in luck. The United States-Canadian military operation has been tracking Santa’s routes for more than 60 years. That won’t change tonight.

“That’s the word from the joint U.S.-Canadian military operation that for 66 years has been tracking jolly old St. Nicholas on his global mission and has assured us all by landline and iPhone, Android, OnStar, Facebook, YouTube and more,” New York Post reported. “He is on his way with a sleigh stuffed with toys and a welcome dose of joy.”

Further, NORAD will continue to track Santa’s route through 4 a.m. ET. This means that if you’re anticipating St. Nick’s arrival, you can do so in real-time.

Further, if you feel slightly out of touch and need to see just how close Santa is to you, you can call a convenient hotline to find out where Santa is headed next by dialing 1-877-HI-NORAD (1-877-446-6723). Additionally, the hotline is required to answer questions like, “When will he make his way towards my house?” or “Do I need to stay up for him?”

So while you’re celebrating with family in your Christmas jammies and baking treats, don’t forget to check Santa’s location and make sure you’re asleep when the jolly man arrives. After all, you don’t want to spoil any Christmas surprises on the big night!