Melania Trump Decorating White House for Christmas Likely for Final Time

by Thad Mitchell

Melania Trump is doing her best to put the presidential election behind her and get into the Christmas Spirit.

As has been the tradition for years, the First Lady will decorate the White House in festive Christmas decorations, according to TMZ. For many years, Christmas decorating is a task take on by the wife of the President of the United States. While her husband attempts to dispute election results, this may likely be the couples’ final Christmas at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Melania Trump Readies to Decorate White House

Many consider Melania as an excellent decorator with wonderful taste, but one wonders if her heart will truly be in it this year. Especially given how she reportedly felt about Christmas decorations in years past.

In 2018, the First Lady was recorded by then advisor Stephanie Wolkoff trashing the White House decorating tradition. While being recorded without her knowledge, Melania railed against the Christmas tradition.

“Who gives a f__k about Christmas stuff and decorating,” she allegedly said. “But I need to do it, right?”

At the time of the recording, the First Lady was reportedly venting about her frustrations with the media. She claims the media was focusing on child separations at the border and did not care about her work on White House decorations.

Melania has since terminated her relationship with Wolkoff, even penning an essay on her former aide and friend. The essay was written and posted to

A whole new distraction has come about that could “pull” the media’s attention from the First Lady’s decorating efforts. Her husband, President Donald Trump, lost the 2020 presidential election just weeks ago. Despite the loss, Trump seems to think he will be in the White House for another four-year term. The president alleges wide-spread voter fraud cost him the election to his Democratic opponent Joe Biden despite little evidence to back it up.

The president recently called Biden’s claim of victory to be “premature” as he vows to keep fighting to retain the presidency.