Military Plane Does Terrifyingly Low Fly-By Between Buildings in Major City: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott

It’s like a scene from your favorite “Avengers” movie; although the clip boasts a lack of alien invasions and none of the military plane’s engines are smoking.

In a recent viral clip, several Aussies captured an incredibly low-flying military plane hovering above and between some Brisbane buildings and skyscrapers. Remaining only handfuls of yards away from the city’s infrastructure, you can actually watch as the RAAF C-17 aircraft‘s shadow travels across the building’s reflective windows.

While the stunt itself may seem dangerous, it was actually part of a planned airshow that takes place annually called the Sunsuper Riverfire Festival. Further, reports claim that this particular flyby was only part of a practice run in preparation for the upcoming airshow. Additionally, the C-17 flyby occurs every year since 2017 according to The Aviationist.

So, while the above clip may be a little shocking, a collection of low-flying military planes debut annually, and, apparently, Aussies are accustomed.

Although, while Australia’s aviation policies seem particularly loose, an American C-17 pilot had very different views and training.

“If the crew’s timing is off or if they are slow to react, the jet would collide with a building. Very risky,” he said. He remained anonymous in efforts to avoid the press. Comparatively, he shared that in the U.S. Airforce, pilots need to remain 1,000 feet above structures in populated areas.

The American pilot concluded, “We could never do something like that in the USAF. If we did, we would lose our wings immediately – never fly again.”

New York City Residents Apprehensive as Military Plane Flies Low

While Aussies watched one of their country’s military planes weave in and out of Brisbane’s skyscrapers, across the globe, New York City residents shared different sentiments during a similar situation.

Earlier this week, President Joe Biden addressed the United Nations General Assembly in NYC. At the same time, the North American Aerospace Defense Command reported that an F-16 fighter aircraft intercepted a smaller airplane within a Temporary Flight Restriction area. While both the military plane and the smaller craft safely exited the city’s upper reaches, New Yorkers captured various clips of the crafts flying overhead.

Fortunately, it appears the smaller craft meant no threat to the city and its residents. Reportedly, the pilot had mistakenly entered the restricted airspace. Regardless, the Federal Aviation Administration is looking into the incident.

What’s more, the low-flying aircraft made citizens below uneasy. As the military plane flew low over the city, it set off car alarms all over, an incredibly unusual occurrence. Further, as Americans had just commemorated the 20th anniversary of 9/11, many became apprehensive at the plane’s approach.

One person wrote on Twitter, “(F-16) fighter jet casually breaking the sound barrier over NYC on a (Tuesday) afternoon, very normal stuff.”

While the opposite was implied, the incident gave many Americans a bit of a scare. Thankfully, the small aircraft landed in a nonrestricted area outside the area half an hour later.