More Than 2,500 Flights Canceled on Monday as Holiday Travel Nightmares Continue

by Amanda Glover

The nationwide holiday travel nightmares continue to rock the nation.

With the COVID-19 Pandemic still roaring, families have had trouble making it home for the holidays. If they were lucky enough to make it to their loved ones, they also struggled to get back home once the holidays ended. This is the time of year when airports are at their busiest. The pandemic only quadruples that.

According to FlightAware, of over 2,500 flights, 1,000 were within, into, or out of the United States. Over 9,000 flights were delayed nationwide.

All over the world, airports canceled over 6,000 flights on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Kwanzaa. In the United States, over 1,200 flights were canceled. More than 5,000 were delayed on Sunday alone as staff and crew called out sick. Unless you witnessed the holiday travel nightmares erupting in airports, you can only imagine how difficult work must’ve been for airport staff.

United Airlines said they had to cancel hundreds of flights last week. This was due to their lack of crew members to safely get passengers to their destination.

The US Transportation Security Administration said the airport cancelations have come at the busiest time of year for air travel. Millions of people are where each day over the holiday weekend. This equals 2.19 million travelers on the day before Christmas Eve.

Holiday Travel Nightmares Continue in Europe

European airlines have also experienced several cancelations between holiday travels and record-breaking COVID-19 cases. According to a British Airways spokesperson, the airline canceled many flights on Monday. This was done to “operational constraints.” For this reason, they are using bigger aircraft where possible.

At Virgin Atlantic, the majority of flights are continuing as scheduled. “We continue to take pre-emptive measures to uphold operational and staffing resilience, always putting the health and safety of our customers and people first.”

Lufthansa, a German airline, says they will cancel 10% of its winter flight schedule as the pandemic continues to hit the aviation industry. “Due to a sharp drop in bookings, the airline will have to cancel 33,000 flights from mid-January to February 2022 or 10% of the group’s winter flight schedule,” says the airline CEO.

Delayed or Canceled as Omicron Cases Rise

This week on The View, Dr. Fauci spoke on the new variant’s impact on the U.S. He also discussed President Joe Biden’s strategy to fight the virus. “The one that would be immediate is to make sure, given the rapid spread of this extraordinary variant, that we don’t get an overrun on hospitals, particularly in those regions in which you have a larger proportion of unvaccinated individuals.”

Although we don’t yet know what’s to come, we can all focus on ways to protect ourselves from the virus. Once everyone can safely make it home to their loved ones, they can continue making taking precautions as a number one priority.