Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee Researching Homes in Greece in Case of Donald Trump Victory

by Kayla Zadel

Greece is full of tranquil islands and laid-back living, so it’s no wonder that Tommy Lee is looking at moving to this country.

Tommy Lee is known for his wild antics. But this time he’s confessing to Athens Voice about potentially moving back to his homeland. Lee was making comments in mid-October about moving to Greece if Trump wins the re-election.

In the original statement Lee made last month, he says, “I swear to God, if that happens [for Trump to be re-elected President of the United States], I will leave. I will go back to my homeland, I will go to Greece and I will buy a house on one of its beautiful islands! ”

The Mötley Crüe drummer is following up his profession by claiming that he’s actually moving forward with looking at houses. He says in the interview, translated from Greek, “I am already researching for any beautiful house in Mykonos dude, it will be a dream!”

Lee continues in the interview by saying, regardless if Trump wins again, it’s been his plan all along to move back to his hometown of Kypseli. Kypseli is a suburb of Athens. He goes so far as to tell Athens Voice, “Basically, regardless of whether this a–hole [wins] again, that’s where I will end up anyway: in the homeland! I dream it. So I will do it. I need it. So I will definitely get a house in my hometown.”

Lee’s mother is full-blood Greek and his father is American. When Lee was approximately one year old, his father moved the family back to the United States, settling in California.

Tommy Lee’s Moving Joke Reaches the White House

Tommy Lee might be packing his bags soon, but it looks like he also has plans for a certain person at the White House. Even though the rock and roll icon saying that he’s moving to Greece regardless of the election outcome, Lee recently shared a controversial picture on Twitter.

Below is the image showing the moving truck that’s been digitally placed in front of the White House. No words, but just the picture and a suitcase emoji.

This isn’t the first time that Lee’s voicing his opinion this year regarding the political race. He’s been pretty vocal about his distaste for Trump. He even shared a profanity-laced message directed at Donald Trump on the day of the election. Learn more here.