Mountain Dew Coming Out With All-New Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Flavor

by Madison Miller

It’s unclear who asked for it, but Mountain Dew is coming out with an all-new Flamin’ Hot Cheetos flavored soda.

The soda company is looking to mix together its iconic citrus flavor with a spicy infusion. According to ABC 7 Chicago, this flavor is described as the “most extreme taste experience yet.”

The exotic drink will actually be available soon. You can grab it online starting Tuesday, August 31 on the Mountain Dew official site. A six-pack of the flavor will cost $12. It’s unclear when the flavor will hit actual grocery store aisles. The flavor is, however, listed as only lasting until supplies are gone on the actual site.

Mountain Dew is known for its variations of its classic citrus soda. One of the most popular is arguably the Baja Blast flavor, which is a permanent fixture over on the Taco Bell menu.

Other variations include the Kickstart energy drink line, White Out, Code Red, and Live Wire. There’s also a Cake-Smash flavor on their site. It’s Mountain Dew with a mix of artificial cake flavoring.

Social Media Reaction to Mountain Dew Flavor

The reaction to the new spicy Mountain Dew flavor has some pretty harsh critics as of now. One person reacted to the news by writing, “so basically battery acid? got it.” A lot of people are insinuating that the Mountain Dew spicy creation is going to equal a trip to the bathroom.

Another Twitter user also compared it to another spicy drink that was on the market. Popular fast-food chain Jack in the Box had a Hot Tamale Shake for a period of time that the user said, “Yes they made this and yes I tried it and yes it was disgusting.”

However, spicy makes more sense mixed with a dessert treat. Many people are wondering how Mountain Dew can pair well with a spicy, cheese-flavored chip. One person wrote, “Cinnamon candy actually makes sense as a spicy-sweet. Cheese-flavored pepper-based salty spicy mixed with something like Dew makes no sense what-so-ever.”

Unique Soda Flavors

Somehow, it may just work. Even if the flavor is “unique” beyond delicious, oddity seems to attract people. Soda has been a longtime experimental zone. A trip into a local candy store will expose you to butter soda, grass soda, pickle soda, mustard soda, ranch soda, buffalo wing soda, and a number of other almost unspeakable iterations of the fizzy drink.

According to Insider, exotic soda flavors are a staple all around the world. In the Caribbean there’s a tree bark soda called Mauby Fizz. It’s made from boiling tree bark with herbs and spices. It has different health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and combatting diabetes.

Peru also makes an interesting champagne cola called Inca Cola. It tastes like a mix between bubblegum and cream soda.