Mullet Championships Do Exist, and The 2021 Men’s Top Three Finalists are Absolutely Glorious

by Jonathan Howard

Fashion tends to ebb and flow. Trends come and go. Great trends, like the mullet, come back. The Mullet Championships are proof. Yeah, that’s right, the 2021 USA Mullet Championships are underway and the division winners are awesome.

There’s a whole lot of business in the front and a helluva lot of party in the back. In recent years, the hairstyle has come back in a big way. From kids to adults, the mullet is back. It is only fitting that there is a mullet championship, sponsored by Manscaped.

Check out the division winners who have received thousands of votes.

I have a few thoughts about these winners. While I appreciate the effort in the photos from Travis Seifert and Clint Duncan, I feel like it isn’t about the hair itself. Both have the sunglasses on. Clint has that bright shirt, but his side design and dyed blonde hairdo bring a lot to the table.

Really, Bradley Suddath has the second-best mullet of the bunch. His picture is more modest and not as professional-looking. However, it looks well taken care of and not so…wet. However, third place is pretty damn good. There were tens of thousands of votes and each won fair and square.

Seriously, the mullet has taken over. In my small-town community, the county fair was full of people rocking long hair with shaved sides. Almost the entire football team at the local high school is rocking mullets. It has come back with a vengeance, and rural communities have been taken over by the phenomenon.

Who is Responsible for the Mullet Craze?

Seriously, there has to be a reason why this hairstyle has come back into style! While many folks have their theories about this, there are a few good answers. From sports to music, there are all sorts of influential people in on the trend.

From a country music perspective, it could be Morgan Wallen who is most responsible. He has had such an impact as far as the spread of this haircut goes. Even Aaron Watson had to give Wallen credit, or possibly giving the blame, for all kinds of people including Watson’s son getting a mullet.

However, there have been other people rocking the iconic cut. Just this summer during the Tokyo Olympics, sprinter Rohan Browning rocked a mullet. The Australian speedster was proud to rock the look in Japan while representing his country. Of course, Gardner Minshew, the NFL QB has been known to rock a mullet on the field. He earned the hearts of America with his mustache and mullet.

While it likely isn’t the fault of just one person, the trend is here and looks to have some staying power. There is no telling who might rock a mullet next. Perhaps you or someone you know has a mullet worthy enough of the USA Mullet Championships, don’t forget to brush every day.