MyPillow Continues Tweeting Amid CEO Controversy, Posts New Story

by Madison Miller

MyPillow and the company’s CEO, Mike Lindell, are not putting the controversy to rest.

Lindell has been suspended from Twitter for repeatedly stating false claims of voter fraud and election rigging in the 2020 election.

Background of Controversy

More recently, he has also been facing legal battles from Dominion Voting Systems. Lindell had been making false claims that their machines fraudulently flipped votes over to President Joe Biden. Now, Dominion is seeking $1.3 billion in damages.

In December, he posted a problematic tweet calling on Trump to impose martial law. He asked for Trump to take the voting machines and the ballot boxes in those states.

He deleted the tweet an hour later. It is unclear what the deciding factor was in removing Lindell from Twitter. However, he has a long history of controversial posts. Additionally, many retail companies have cut ties with MyPillow and have stopped selling the product in their stores.

Recent Twitter Activity

Despite his personal account being permanently suspended, MyPillow has been using their company platform to spread information now. Most recently, the company posted an article titled “Pillow King Mike Lindell is Never Going to Rest, or Shut Up.” The Bloomberg article is from the perspective of a journalist. This journalist had interviewed Lindell back when he was starting out as a pillow salesman.

By sharing this article headline in particular the message seems clear: Mike Lindell is not going anywhere. He can be removed from social media platforms but will find a way back. The message of the article makes it clear that Lindell is not giving up his political agenda.

 “Business is up so much the last week that we’ve had to keep hiring people. We’re so busy right now, because of all these attacks,” Lindell said to Bloomberg.

The reality is that those buying his pillows are likely Trump supporters who are outraged by “cancel culture” and are buying pillows in bulk to send a message.

‘The Real Mike Lindell’

However, the newest tweet from MyPillow links to a page on Mike Lindell’s official website called, “The Real Mike Lindell.” The company has been posting the link to this several times this week.

It tells the story of Lindell, from crack cocaine addiction to a booming pillow business. It also claims that he is “much more than pillows and politics.”

Melissa Huray wrote the piece. She is the Executive Director of the Lindell Recovery Network. She tells the “personal” story of Lindell in hopes to convince people “that if you could see his heart, his party affiliation wouldn’t matter so much.”

Twitter users, however, were not having it. One person called it sick and twisted while another said it was “a blatant attempt to circumvent a ban.”

One person even said, “From crack head to insurrectionist…… what a touching story … (for those with only one brain cell, that was sarcasm).”

The new question is, will Twitter see the MyPillow account as also contributing to misinformation and breaking guidelines?