Mystery ‘UFO’ Captured on Dash Cam Footage

by Shelby Scott

For all you extraterrestrial life form believers out there, y’all are going to love this. After 10 years withheld from the public, Canadian officials leaked dash cam footage of a UFO sighting that took place in Selkirk, Manitoba. The almost-minute-long video captures a bright orange and yellow flickering light streaking across the night sky before disappearing.

The video of the UFO sighting was shared with the Canadian government when a law enforcement officer turned over the footage. You can check out the clip here, but know that even following a decade after the sighting, government officials have not been able to confirm nor deny the status of the UFO.

Believers may like to think we have received further proof of extraterrestrial life forms exploring our planet. However, doubters attributed the sighting to a handful of potential explanations. Following the release of the officer’s statement, responses regarding what he actually saw ranged severely. Explanations included a weather balloon or meteor to a rocket or, of course, a UFO.

As far as the object’s potentially being a meteor, I highly doubt it. As a stargazer myself, it moved much too slowly and I’ve never known a meteor to flash like that. However, I’ll leave it at that and hand it off to the pros. Regardless, government representatives tried to dismiss the footage as simply an aircraft overseen by Perimeter Metro. However, the officer insisted “they are familiar with the Metro aircraft and stated this was not an aircraft.”

Debunking Potential UFO Sightings

Nevertheless, other agencies persisted in deciphering what exactly the officer saw. After turning the footage over to the Canadian government, the law enforcement officer immediately contacted Winnipeg air traffic control. From there, reports of the potential UFO made their way to both the Canadian Air Force and Transport Canada.

After viewing the footage, Transport Canada wrote the sighting off as nothing more than a passing charter plane. Additionally, the agency claimed it was “likely that the running lights were washed out by the city glow.”

If that were the case, then the blinking yellow and orange lights definitely would make a whole lot of sense.

Regardless, the 2011 footage is not the first UFO sighting the Canadian government has received. As modern technology has advanced, reports of UFOs have been submitted to the government over the course of 70 years.

However, even more noteworthy is that UFO sightings don’t just take place here on our planet’s solid ground. Just recently, Scott C. Waring, a UFO hunter on the International Space Station, captured an image of a strange UFO hovering about the ocean.

Like the majority of UFO sightings, the image is unclear. Although Waring stated the image he captured shows “a cube UFO over the ocean.”

It almost blends in with the surrounding clouds, however, it has a much more solid appearance and darker color. Additionally, viewers of the incredible photo pointed out the object has a shadow that sprawls across the ocean surface.

So, while skeptics might brush aside the Canadian officer’s sighting, especially due to its age, this most recent image holds a little more weight in theories regarding UFOs and extraterrestrial life forms.