Nancy Grace Says Brian Laundrie’s Parents Could Face Charges If They Lied To Authorities

by Matthew Memrick

Legal TV maven Nancy Grace is speaking up about the Gabby Petito case, saying the parents of missing boyfriend Brian Laundrie could face charges if they lied to authorities.

Grace spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the latest developments in the 22-year-old woman’s death. She also said Laundrie’s parents could face legal jeopardy for their actions.

“The America’s Most Wanted Overtime” host said many, including Petito’s parents, are “pointing their fingers” at the Laundries.

Grace has been a legal commentator on several notable cases, including O.J. Simpson, Caylee Anthony, Duke Lacrosse team, and others. Currently, her show broadcasts on Fox Nation.

Grace Offers Wilderness Motive

The Sun reported Nancy Grace’s comments from her appearance on TMZ Live.

The legal commentator said she thought the autopsy report would reveal an attempt to hide the cause of Petito’s death. Grace also noted that Petito’s body was likely in good condition when found based on comments of tattoo identification.

Nancy Grace told TMZ that the area has extreme weather elements that could make decay or damage to the body harder for the coroner to investigate.

Changing Story May Hurt Case

The woman said the parents “have completely blown up the FBI timeline” over their statements in the last few hours.

Petito’s family has spoken out about their difficulties with contacting and talking with the Laundrie family. They told the Dr. Phil Show that the Laundries said they had not seen their son since Sept. 14.

Grace adds after an FBI confrontation, the parents changed their story about seeing their son. Now, they say he left a day earlier before going missing

“(Brian Laundrie) has now ghosted us for 23 days and counting,” Grace adds.

The commentator said the parents do not have to “tell the truth to the police.” The lie, Grace said, has brought on speculation over any criminal charges. She said Florida law could find the parents culpable if they lied and helped in a criminal coverup. That’s up to the FBI.

“I find that very hard to believe because I can remember precisely the last time I saw my son or daughter,” Grace said. “And when you’re telling the cops you think your son has gone out into the wilderness and is going to commit suicide? You’d think the parents would remember the last time they talked to him!”

The story change, Grace said, “is so critical.” She maintains it hurts the investigation for Florida police, sheriff deputies, and the FBI searching for Laundrie. They may have to restart their Laundrie timeline and broaden their scope in evidence collection.

The legal TV maven also had Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman’s back. She said any leads and public awareness would help.

“A lot of people pooh-pooh Dog the Bounty Hunter,” Grace told ET. “But you know what, if we get tips and leads about where Brian Laundrie is and what happened to Gabby, who cares where it comes from.”

Finally, Grace concluded the final autopsy report could make things harder for the FBI. Once the medical examiner’s investigation is over, she said, any evidence can become public information. A judge would have to rule the evidence would need to be kept from the public.