Nancy Grace Weighs in on What Gabby Petito’s Cause of Death Means for the Case

by Kati Kuuseoks

Whether you’re fond of her or not, Nancy Grace continues to hold a platform concerning criminal justice. She spoke on the Gabby Petito case earlier in the investigation when they first found a body in Wyoming. At that point, Nancy mentioned she feared that the elements might have gotten to the body before authorities could. Unfortunately, the coroner on the case confirmed this information yesterday. It is estimated that Gabby Petito’s body remained in the remote area of the Grand Teton Park for nearly 4 weeks before authorities discovered it.

With manual strangulation as the newly released Cause of Death, Nancy Grace just weighed in on what this means for the case. She also spoke to what this means for Brian Laundrie, who continues to evade the police.

Nancy Grace Says New COD Finding Implicates Brian Laundrie Even More

Georgia-born Nancy Grace has been involved in the criminal justice and legal systems for decades now. She authored more than one book over that time as well. Although she is most notably known for her current TV presence, Nancy actually holds some certifications and experience to back her up. In fact, she spent almost a full decade as a Special Prosecutor for the Atlanta-Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney’s Office. Here, she focused on some of the most horrific crimes out there. Namely, she worked on felony cases involving serial arson, rape, and murder.

Like so much of the public, the Gabby Petito investigation made Nancy Grace uneasy from the start.

Nancy starts off her brief segment by saying that learning the Cause of Death is very “significant” here. Furthermore, the fact that it is a “strangulation, in my mind, even more so, [further] implicates Brian Laundrie.” She thinks DNA evidence will also add to this story, but the tragedy seems to fit the bill for a “sweetheart murder.”

Nancy Grace explains that a “sweetheart murder” involves a murder where the perpetrator is close, personal, and intimate with the victim. In this case, Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie shared an engagement at one point. They also road-tripped across the country and shared close proximity in their white van together. Unfortunately, Nancy Grace joins a handful of other experts that note the signs of domestic violence in their relationship. Actually, the coroner seemed to allude to this as well in his press conference yesterday.

Squashing the Rumors that Gabby Petito Was Pregnant

Dr. Blue delivered the Cause of Death in a press conference before answering a few questions from the Zoom audience. Due to Wyoming statutes and the nature of the ongoing investigation, Dr. Blue referred most questions over to the FBI who has yet to comment. He was able to, however, address one of the biggest questions people had concerning Gabby Petito’s autopsy. Was she pregnant? Dr. Blue confirmed that she was indeed NOT pregnant.