Nearly 3,000 Flights Canceled Monday as Storm Pummels East Coast

by Shelby Scott

Outsiders across the country faced an onslaught of travel cancelations and interruptions during the holidays. However, the numbers simply don’t compare to the number of cancelations resulting from the winter storm currently pummeling the East Coast. States from Florida north to New Jersey, Delaware, and regions of PA have begun to see mass accumulations. With that, nearly 3,000 flights saw cancelation as of Monday evening (1/3).

Previous cancelations came as the extremely contagious strand of the coronavirus, the Omicron variant, left airlines with major staff shortages. Now, USA Today states the ongoing winter storms have only worsened circumstances for airline passengers.

As the outlet states, more than 2,900 U.S. flights experienced cancelations nationally Monday. Meanwhile, a soaring 4,200 flights were delayed as of 3 p.m. EST. The reports come from FlightAware, a site that tracks flight status in real-time. And while thousands of flights became delayed or canceled on Monday alone, the days since Christmas have seen thousands more flights canceled.

The latest cancelations come on the tail of mass holiday chaos. The Omicron variant of COVID-19 wreaked havoc on both flight staff and patrons alike between Christmas and New Year’s. One such patron, Natasha Enos of California said, “It was absolute mayhem.”

“It was a lot of people in a very small space and not everybody was masking.” Of her fellow fliers, Enos said, “There were a lot of exhausted kids and some families were so stressed out.”

Overall, then, travel has become entirely complicated. And as winter storms continue to pummel the East Coast, we can only expect flight conditions will worsen.

Thousands Upon Thousands of Flights Canceled Internationally

Monday’s flight cancelations are surely some of the largest numbers to occur this holiday season here in the U.S. However, combined with an additional 2,500 U.S. flights canceled on Sunday, we can assure you, Outsiders, that if you’re still abroad from your holiday vacations, then getting home might not be as easy as you’d hoped.

As stated, FlightAware totaled an astonishing 2,500 cancelations on Sunday. However, internationally, the outlet reported a massive 4,000 flight cancelations overall.

That said, the combination of weather and the pandemic have caused strenuous conditions for airline workers. But with the holidays coming to an end and people heading home and back to work, airlines nationally are surely anticipating a brief moment of relief very shortly.

For now, though, unrelenting snow, wind, and frigid temperatures only hinder those hopes. On Monday, areas across Washington D.C. saw snow accumulations totaling anywhere between 5 and 10 inches, a local organization even planning a mass snowball fight along the National Mall.

Even more impressive, residents along the Florida Panhandle saw snow accumulations for the first time in three years. Amazingly, while Monday morning saw temperatures cold enough to bring snow, local areas had recorded temperatures around 75 degrees 12 hours earlier.

Altogether 2022 has begun on a strange note. And given the mass snow accumulations along the coast, I’m not sure when we’ll see winter normalcy again.