New Downtown Denver Building To Include Built-In Hiking Trail

by Hannah Heser

Denver is opening up a new building downtown very soon. It is designed to give hikers a built-in hiking trail. If you simply love being outdoors, this is the perfect place for you. It has everything from fresh air to beautiful scenery.

This new building is calling your name for a vacation next summer.

The Architecture of the Building

For years, architects have used the same designs. However, they have taken biophilic designs to a whole other level, according to

The website references the Nanjing Green Towers in China as a similarly innovative structure. They are designed to have vertical forest integrated. This specific building has more than 1,100 trees.

Now it’s Denver’s turn to create something extraordinary. And its present-day skyline will make it more magical.

First, the location of the building is located near the city’s “River North District.” Throughout the building, there will be more than 13,000 square feet of open space. They say Colorado’s amazing landscape inspired this project. In that case, more people will visit Denver every year to see the new attraction.

As you head outside the building, you will see a walkway that will feature a waterfall at the end. On the other hand, visitors will also get an experience with a rooftop pool, garden and of course, a spa. That’s not all, though. These activities are meant to be enjoyed with a perfect view of the Rocky Mountains.

Furthermore, the architects, as well as construction workers reveal the release date for the opening day.

“The new tower is set to be completed in 2023. It will have 187 residences for rent and almost 8,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space,” Zhekova reported.

With this new development, Denver is transforming it’s forests into secondhand nature, according to travel and leisure.

Must See Places for Visitors in Denver

Besides the new building and hiking trail opening in 2023, Denver has a lot more attractions for visitors to enjoy.

First, Downtown Denver is a must-do when you visit this city. According to, the Brookings Institue ranks Denver as the fourth most walkable downtown area in the country. There are many affordable shops, dine-in restaurants, and a great view for photo-ops.

Another must-see attraction is the Denver Art Museum, which is formed by two jaw-dropping buildings. In this museum, you will find hundreds of masterpieces from the world’s most talented artists. It includes almost 70,000 other artistic forms, such as travel displays.

Overall, Denver is one of the most popular cities in the United States. And there’s so much to do all year round. For instance, ski season approaches in winter, and nature trails open back up in summer. Colorado is an unbelievable state.