The New Space Force Uniforms Belong in a Sci-Fi Movie

by Kati Kuuseoks

The United States Space Force (USSF) is the newest branch of the US Military that found itself added to the Armed Forces. December 20th, 2019 marked its establishment. Their mission revolves around learning all the ins and outs of space, with the underlying goal of protecting US and allied interests. The Air Force Association just wrapped up their annual conference in Maryland where they revealed the USSF’s new uniforms. They’re probably exactly what you imagine, too. The question remains: will this sci-fi garb be considered “highly illogical” or something that will help the Space Force “live long and prosper?”

Space Force Uniforms Make History

Although the unveiled uniform has a unisex fit, a spokesperson for The United States Space Force says this wasn’t always the case. Col. Catie Hague says the uniform is “distinctive, modern, professional, and comfortable to wear.” She then goes on to explain: “We designed the female uniform first and then we created the male version.”

Although military uniforms typically focus the buttons down the center, these ones shake things up a bit. Instead, silver buttons line the navy fabric diagonally. The unique neck-cut also allows for a white-collar to peak through. Now that describes the look from the waist up, but the bottom of the uniform takes a slight departure. Instead of snug-fitting trousers, the look features baggy grey pants.

While not everyone may approve, the look wasn’t just haphazardly thrown together. Instead, it took careful planning and a lot of symbolism. Namely, the number 6 holds a lot of significance. Space Force joined the military as its sixth branch. For that reason, the uniforms feature six buttons, a 6-sided patch, and a 6-sided name tag.

Hague says: “The deep blue color was chosen from the Space Force seal. The dark color represents the vastness of outer space. The buttons have the globe, delta, orbit, and stars that are part of both the U.S. Space Force flag and the seal.”

The official Instagram for the United States Space Force shared a snap of the uniform prototype and the comments are too good not to share:

@bones_tdh writes: “looking more and more star trek every day”

@shovel.operator surmises: “POV: you’re a civil war general”

@kiacho_finney saw a combination of the two: “Leaning towards Star Trek the next generation but with George Washington class. Nice!”

You can join the conversation here:

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The United States Space Force (USSF) continues to use their social media platforms to disseminate information to the public. In addition to the unveiling of the new uniforms, Space Force also unveiled the spread of their enlisted ranks. Let us know what you think! Will you be joining the space race?