Newscaster Signs Off Final Broadcast By Quoting His ‘Great Mentor’ Ron Burgundy

by Chase Thomas

They don’t make sportscasters like Ron Burgundy anymore. Well, they never did, we suppose, as he is a made-up version of a San Diego newscaster from the hilarious Anchorman films played by Will Ferrell. However, it should come as no surprise that some newscasters loved Ron Burgundy and what he brought to those unforgettable San Diego newscasts. One newscaster just signed off their final broadcast by actually quoting his “great mentor” Ron Burgundy.

A BBC broadcaster closed his final show with the iconic phrase, “You stay classy San Diego.”

Andrew Marr, the broadcaster who used the phrase, retired after 21 years at the network.

His full quote for the final broadcast read, “I have been so lucky and so privileged to share so many Sunday mornings with you…I have been wondering how to close this final show, but I can’t do better than quoting my great mentor: ‘You stay classy, San Diego.’”

Will Ferrell on Ron Burgundy

The legend of Ron Burgundy grows and grows over time. The character will never be forgotten in pop culture, as Burgandy still appears from time to time on real broadcasts like The Dan Patrick Show or a Los Angeles Kings game. Folks will always enjoy the character who was not mad at his pup Baxter for eating the wheel of cheese, he was more impressed by it all.

He told The Guardian, “Gosh, I wish I had a great answer for you.” He continued, “But it just was that wherever we were in the world, whatever we were promoting, the last round of the interview was always: ‘Can I ask you a few questions about Anchorman? Will there ever be a sequel?’ So eventually Adam and I were like: ‘Why not? We love this character.’ So it came from that, and once we landed on the concept of [Ron working for a] 24-hour news channel, all the other ideas came from that.”

The Legend Continues

Folks wanted to know if there were going to be more appearances by Ron Burgundy. And there was one more, but that looks to be the final theatrical bit.

He continued, “Yeah, there was a debate about that and we really discussed. ‘What do we think about this, if we’re really being judicious?’ But Adam said, ‘You know, we’re budgeted for it, let’s go shoot it and see what happens.’ A lot of people say, ‘That’s my favourite part’ and other people, well, I know they can’t stand it. I think it’s good – you’re on to something good when it’s divisive like that.”

Fans were just happy to have Ron Burgundy back in their lives on the big screen. They didn’t really care about everything else involved.

He concluded about his future choices, “Oh yeah, I’d love to do more drama! That was an amazing experience.”