Northern US Facing Arctic Blast Bringing Extremely Cold Temperatures

by Shelby Scott

It appears Mother Nature’s been a little late in bringing winter weather, especially as the Winter Solstice passed days ago. Now, however, we prepare to wrap up 2021. With that, the Northern United States should expect to face a sudden arctic blast promising extremely cold temperatures.

According to Fox News, the Northern Plains and the Northwestern U.S. alike have already begun to see temperatures just barely reaching above 0. Regions throughout have also seen significant amounts of snow.

As per the report, areas across the Pacific Northwest may see temperatures around freezing, with certain areas dropping even colder. Monday saw Seattle, Washington mark a new record, with a high of only 23 degrees Fahrenheit. The outlet states it’s the coldest day the northwestern city has experienced since 1998.

Further east, weathercasters predict states across the Northern Plains will see daytime temperatures remaining below 0. Most significantly, these include both Montana and North Dakota.

Due to the sudden arctic blast, officials have urged residents to take precautions in protecting themselves. They’ve also encouraged livestock owners to protect their animals from the cold.

Additionally, it appears the freezing temperatures weren’t enough. Simultaneously, the National Weather Service charged with informing that particular region of the country sent further alerts about wind chills. Accompanying the arctic blast, the NWS warns windy conditions may result in dangerously freezing windchills. This could cause temperatures to reach between -30 and -50, far below 0.

Old Farmer’s Almanac Predicts Extreme Cold This Year

Outsiders along the East Coast continue to experience a rather mild winter so far. However, the arctic blast striking the Northwest may indicate the accuracy of predictions by the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Prior to the advent of modern technology, people depended on the Old Farmer’s Almanac to provide them with accurate predictions. These included everything from weather to planting season. It’s an iconic publication dating over 200 years old.

Now, as 2021 concludes, the extreme cold which the outlet, usually pretty darn accurate, predicted appears to be upon us.

One of the publication’s editors, Janice Stillman, warned Outsiders months ago that we can expect “one of the longest and coldest [winters] that we’ve seen in years.”

Ranking winter predictions by mild, dry, snowy, warm, wet, and cold, it appears there isn’t a region of the mainland U.S. that won’t be affected by this year’s cold weather. Even Florida, known as a popular destination for our country’s snowbirds may expect to see what the almanac called a cold, dry winter.

Further, as we’re seeing now, the earlier reports from the Old Farmer’s Almanac stated the worst winter weather would strike in Eastern Montana, spread down into both North and South Dakota, and descend into the northeastern region of Colorado.

While the ongoing arctic blast brings extreme cold to places across the Pacific Northwest, the almanac is already proving itself accurate as cold bears down across the Northern Plains.