Oklahoma Police Adopt ‘Abandoned Christmas Puppies’ Found in a Duffel Bag at a Gas Station

by Hannah Heser

Who would leave innocent puppies at a gas station? More importantly, who would leave puppies all alone anywhere? It never adds up, but this seems to happen a lot in today’s world.

Apparently, someone reportedly dropped off a bag full of puppies at a QuikTrip on Christmas Day. Not too long after this incident, Oklahoma police officers took the bag into the station. At the station, they found five puppies scared for their lives. But the Oklahoma police is still investigating the crime.

There are so many questions being asked, but only one real answer.

The Rescue of the Five Christmas Pups

According to Fox News, the Tulsa Police Department said “someone allegedly zipped the puppies up and dumped the bag right on the store’s counter.” The police are adopting the pups until further notice. And who knows, they just might end up staying there for good.

As the day went on, the gas station quickly called the police to inform them of the bag. And four officers drove up to the scene.

“Overwhelmed with Christmas feelings, four of the officers immediately adopted all but one of the five puppies. The fifth went home with the QuikTrip employee.” After all, the least they could do is let the person who found them keep one.

At the end of the report from Fox, police officers told people to adopt a pet in a statement.

“If you’re looking for a pet, please adopt don’t shop. There are a ton of rescues and shelters that are over capacity for abandoned pets.”

So what are you waiting for Outsiders? Adopt a pet today.

Litter of Puppies Found Alone With an Infant in a Field

A similar incident occurred not even a month ago. A town in India found a litter of puppies alone in a field with an infant. Some would say the puppies kept the baby alive. As I said above, who would just leave innocent puppies and a newborn baby alone in a random field? Something just doesn’t add up.

The world is a scary place indeed, especially in this generation.