Operation BBQ Relief Provides Meals for Kentucky Tornado Victims

by Amy Myers

For the past few days, Operation BBQ Relief volunteers have stationed themselves in Mayfield, Kentucky to feed no fewer than 5,000 people a day. Following the tragic and disastrous tornadoes that wrecked the area, the organization wanted to provide food for those who had lost their homes and were in distress.

FOX Weather caught a couple of volunteers in between their shifts at the grill and highlighted their hard work and generosity over the past few days.

But as it turned out, the volunteers had a surprise for the reporter, Katie Byrne.

While interviewing one of the Operation BBQ Relief volunteers, Byrne ended up receiving a literal token of appreciation from her subject. The man bestowed one of the organization’s “Caught Doing Good” coins which recognized people who provided selfless acts.

“I wanna thank you for coming out. We do something with a ‘Caught Doing Good’ coin, and you know, you are doing amazing things here. And I want to give this to you for being out here and sharing all the stories and coming and seeing what we do. So, thank you so much,” the Operation BBQ Relief volunteer shared.

Byrne had to pass back the attention to fellow anchor Amy Freeze back at the station so that she could gather herself before responding. The FOX Weather reporter had to wipe away a few tears after receiving the coin and thanked the Operation BBQ Relief personnel for the touching gesture.

One Individual Joined Operation BBQ Relief’s Mission With His Own Supplies

While Operation BBQ Relief continued to feed the Mayfield residents, one man named Jim Finch decided to join the efforts. So, the local Kentucky resident grabbed his grill and packed his truck full of food and headed to the middle of town. There, he cooked food for his neighbors and asked for nothing in return.

During a short interview, the charitable man shared the inspiration behind his actions.

 “I know they don’t have no electricity, so that means they don’t have no electric, no restaurants, no running water, so I just figured I’d do what I can do – show up with some food and some water,” Finks shared.

Finks also thought about what food would be best to serve in this type of situation. Obviously, there weren’t many places for people to sit down with a fork and knife, so he opted for plenty of handheld foods that were easy to eat anywhere.

“Hamburgers, chicken, I got sausage, eggs. Just some little simple stuff that you can have and not have to worry about making a mess. Grab and go type of food,” he explained.

Of course, Finks had no intention of getting publicity. Instead, his only goal was “Tryin’ to feed the people.”