Over 4,000 Flights Canceled Nationwide on Sunday

by Samantha Whidden

More than 4,000 flights have been delayed or canceled throughout the U.S. on Sunday (December 26th) during the current COVID-19 Omicron variant surge.

According to Flight Aware, over 1,100 flights that were entering, departing or flying within the U.S. were canceled. Passengers of more than 3,500 also experienced delays as they took to the airports following Christmas Day festivities. However, over 12,000 flights globally are also on the delay list.

USA Today reports that more than 4,000 flights were delayed or canceled on Christmas Day. Delta, United, and JetBlue have blamed the COVID-19 Omicron variant as being the major cause of staffing problems, which led to flight cancelation. United spokesperson, Maddie King, spoke about the variant’s impact on staffing, calling the situation unexpected. 

As previously reported, Delta canceled more than 550 flights since Thursday (December 23rd). The airline issued a statement about the situation. “The nationwide spike in Omicron cases this week has had a direct impact on our flight crews and the people who run our operation. As a result, we’ve unfortunately had to cancel some flights and are notifying impacted customers in advance of them coming to the airport.”

Delta also apologized for the disruption and said it is working hard to rebook as many passengers as possible. 

As Flight Delay Or Cancel, Dr. Fauci Addresses COVID-19’s Omicron Variant During ‘This Week’ Appearance 

During his appearance on This Week with Jonathan Karl, Dr. Fauci spoke about the COVID-19’s Omicron variant and its current impact on the U.S. 

When asked about President Biden’s strategy to combat the variant, Fauci stated, “The one that would be immediate is to make sure, given the rapid spread of this extraordinary variant, that we don’t get an overrun on hospitals, particularly in those regions in which you have a larger proportion of unvaccinated individuals.”

Fauci also declares that Biden’s administration needs to make sure that the country has adequate backup for hospitals. This includes military personnel, doctors, nurses, and other health care providers. “Makings are that there’s neigh PPE and that if needed. There’s enough ventilators in the National Strategic Stockpile. Those are the things that immediate.”

Fauci also said that testing is very important and the country needs a “greater capability” of testing. “Particularly when the demand for testing is so high. With the combination of the Omicron variant itself, as well as the holiday season.”

Meanwhile, Fauci states that the Omicron variant is extraordinarily contagious. It has outstripped other contagious variants, including Delta. “The data from the U.K., and particularly Scotland and England, two separate studies, really confirmed that. They’re seeing less of a severity in the form of manifestations by hospitalizations.”

Despite the data, Fauci warns the country should still be on high alert about the variant, especially those who are not vaccinated.