Pink Asks Her Daughter About 2020 Election, Gets Adorable Response

by Will Shepard

In the midst of election night’s frenzy, Pink shared an adorable video of her daughter commenting on the outcome of the election. Although the mother of two has voiced her support of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the pair talked about their hopes.

Amongst other things said in the minute-long video, Pink asked her daughter, “What is your biggest wish right now?” And her daughter responded in the most heartening way. Willow said, “Umm… well, my biggest wish is to go to Hogwarts.” Now, who can’t get behind that wish? Going to Hogwarts right now to cast some spells is certainly something that anyone can get behind.

Pink followed up quickly, asking, “What do you wish for people?” To which, Willow says, “Peace.”

Without hesitation, Pink says, “Love you.” As inspiring a moment as you’ll see out right now, Pink and Willow win the award for the most positive message.

Where Pink and Willow Stand

The pair shared who they want to win this election, saying:

“Who do you want to win the election?” Pink asks. “Joe Biden,” Willow replies. The Grammy winner continues by asking, “Why?” To which Willow responds, “Umm…’Cuz he’s good.'”

Pink responded, “I hope that no matter who wins the election, that we can all figure out how to be nicer to each other”. Adding, “That’s what I hope.”

In true Pink fashion, she took the high road. Stating no political biases, at least in that statement, she wants the American people to come together. Moreover, she thinks it is imperative that the American people find a way to be unified once again. Red or blue states, we are all American people. Although times have been tough this year, the “Just Give Me a Reason” singer feels that it is crucial that we can find a way to live harmoniously.

As she shared to her 8 million followers, she hopes that this message finds everyone happy and healthy. Above all else, Pink says in the caption for the post: “Love all.” No doubt, an important message of hope in this adorable video.