Plane Crash Kills Four People, Leaves Little Girl Fighting For Life

by Jonathan Howard

After a fatal plane crash in Beaver Island, Michigan took the lives of four people, a little girl is fighting for her life in the hospital.

There was more than one survivor of the crash when first responders got to the scene. The plane crash took the lives of the pilot of three passengers on board. Those passengers have been reported as realtor Mike Perdue, as well as Kate Lease and Adam Kendal. The latter two were new to the island.

Also onboard the flight, two dogs were killed. However, the little girl, Perdue’s daughter survived. Despite that, she did suffer serious injuries. For now, she has been taken to McClaren Northern Michigan Hospital.

This was not a hobby flight and was conducted as a passenger flight with Island Airways. When first responders arrived two were airlifted to the hospital along including the girl. The adult male transported did not survive.

Coast Guard officials at Beaver Island were able to confirm that the incident occurred. It was a single-engine commuter plane and by all accounts is the first crash Island Airways has experienced. The Coast Guard spotted the debris of the crash on the island and local emergency response teams responded on the ground.

This plane crash is the latest in the news. This week also saw one of the passengers on the William Shattner space flight perish in a crash. These incidents are awful and the news always comes as a surprise. As of right now, there is no cause for the Beaver Island crash and officials have not said anything about an investigation.

Beaver Island Plane Crash

A crash like this is rare and heartbreaking. Hopefully, doctors and medical staff are able to help that little girl make it through this. This isn’t the first time a crash like this has happened on the island. Over 20 years ago in February 2001, a crash took the lives of a pilot and a passenger. The flight wrecked into a thicket of trees and was a twin-engine turboprop plane. That crash had four survivors, which included three children and a mother. While they survived they waited 15 hours in frigid temperatures for rescue.

Beaver Island is the largest island in Lake Michigan and the third-largest in the state of Michigan. Since the early 20th century the island has been a popular vacation and tourist location with lots of wildlife and outdoor activities to enjoy. It is a beautiful place with a rich and colorful history. This tragedy dampens a time of year when folks are enjoying the last few weeks of the year before the hard cold sets in.

Right now, it is a waiting game. Officials are still working on the matter.