Police Officer Nearly Gets Mowed Down by Out-of-Control Pickup on Highway: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott

An October 7th multi-vehicle crash nearly ended in tragedy as an out-of-control pickup truck narrowly missed a 23-year-old police officer. The Florida State Trooper had stopped to assist a civilian with a blown-out tire when the pickup slammed into the SUV. Thankfully, both the trooper and the driver of the SUV avoided any major injury.

In watching the video, viewers are able to hear the screeching of the incoming truck prior to the collision with the SUV. Both individuals look to the root of the sound, both reacting immediately. Trooper Dominic Alexandre rushes off to the right, away from the sight of the crash. We also get a view of the SUV’s driver prior to the crash as she also escapes the impact sight.

According to The Daily Mail, the woman in the video received minor injuries to her legs and was transported to a Lantana hospital about 10 minutes away.

The outlet further said the concluding crash came as a result of a chain reaction initiated by a sedan driver. The sedan collided with a second pickup truck. The first crash involved the white truck that slides into view near the end of the dashcam video. As a result, the white truck sideswiped the silver one, which Officer Alexandre narrowly avoided.

Following the crash, the sedan driver fled the scene. Florida Highway Patrol now appeals for any information regarding the vehicle’s driver or the car’s make, model, and color.

In reaction to the scary incident, the young officer said, “You never know when it’s your time. Yesterday wasn’t my time.”

Police Officer Saves Colleague’s Life in Split-Second Decision

The Florida police officer’s near brush with death comes soon after a pair of Virginia police officers also avoided tragedy. Dashcam footage last Sunday captured the moment a Virginia police officer narrowly saved the life of a colleague. The video shows a speeding vehicle slamming into one of the officer’s patrol cars.

The footage captures the moment a smaller white vehicle spins out of control and strikes Officer Jessica McGraw’s patrol car which careens backward toward the recording vehicle and into the road.

Officer Matthew Stewart can be seen in the video grabbing McGraw’s forearms and pulling her away from the potentially deadly incident right before the white car makes impact. Thankfully, Stewart had been facing the right direction as McGraw’s back had faced the oncoming crash.

Fortunately, neither officer suffered major injuries, though Stewart said he experienced pain in his leg like a bad charley horse. Apparently, McGraw’s vehicle brushed Stewart’s leg during the crash, most likely causing the discomfort. Regardless, both officers planned to return for duty.

Of the incident itself, Police Chief Justin Miller said, “It is my belief the quick actions of Officer Stewart not only saved himself from serious bodily injury or death but also that of Officer McGraw.”