Police Respond to Home Disturbance, Find Sharks Swimming Around Christmas Tree in Indoor Pool

by Brianna Vacca

Police stumble upon odd situations all of the time. But the Sussex police couldn’t be prepared for what they saw one afternoon. Police found a shark-infested pool encompassing a Christmas tree.

Yup, a shark-infested swimming pool circling a Christmas tree centerpiece. We’re sure. We all heard correctly.

On Friday, October 8th, police were called to a house to respond to reports of a disturbance. However, the only disturbance they found were sharks. Did the sharks cause the disturbances? It’s not currently known to anybody. The little swimmers were reportedly swimming around – dare say swimmingly – clearly celebrating Christmas. Inspector Darren Taylor of Sussex police tweeted out, “Just when you think you have heard it all. Team attended a premises over the weekend, only to discover an 8ft swimming pool in the front room. In the swimming pool (apart from water) were small sharks swimming around an artificial Christmas tree in the middle. I kid you not!”

Unfortunately, more details surrounding the case have been kept to a minimum but it’s raising some thoughts as to why those sharks were there, how those sharks got there, and who thought that enclosure would be a good idea. The police will be speaking to the HOA about this one to see if the leasing agreement protects tenant’s rights to house these sharp-toothed swimmers.

It’s unsure whether humans caused the disturbance or these predatory pets.

Shark Attacks in The United Kingdom

Despite the horrific fear of sharks, scientists say that the odds of getting attacked by a shark are next to nothing. In Britain, no “unprovoked attacks” have occurred since records began in 1847. Late this summer in Bournemouth, Dorset, authorities evacuated Boscombe beach after sightings of a “large shark” far out in the ocean.

In 2011, fisherman Hamish Currie had a close call with “The Beast.” The 8-foot monster weighed in at 300 pounds. This non-gentle monster was ready for a fight. She took a chomp at the boat grabbing the fisherman’s boot in the making. He says, “

“When she started ramming I knew she was a real bad fish, a wicked girl. She took two bites and ­punctured the boat. I think she lost a couple of teeth when she took those chunks. I’ve landed loads of sharks over the years but she was by far the worst. They can be aggressive but she was really, really angry. She was unbelievable.”

Just the other day in Brevard County, Florida, surfer Eli McDonald found himself surrounded by sharks while on vacation with his wife.

A big shoutout to Jaws for provoking our fears of the ocean, but it’s reported that shark attacks in Britain are extremely rare. Better yet, getting attacked by a shark in your own house is next to impossible unless brought on yourself. Car accidents, heart attacks, or other freak accidents are much more likely to happen before a Great White sinks his teeth in.