Powerball Lottery: Did Anyone Hit $440M+ Christmas Weekend Jackpot?

by Maggie Schneider

The Powerball lottery prize is the third highest sum of 2021. Let’s see if anybody won the Christmas weekend jackpot.

This weekend’s Powerball lottery jackpot was a doozy. It hit about $441 million this Monday, making it the “third highest number of the year.” According to powerball.com, nobody won the Christmas weekend prize.

The winning numbers were drawn Monday night. With a Powerball 19, the rest of the numbers were 36, 38, 45, 62, and 64. No winning tickets were bought with this combination.

Since nobody has claimed the $441 million, the jackpot will rollover. More players will have a chance at the big prize this week. However, it is likely that some “jackpot chasers” will be added into the mix. According to The Washington Post, these are “infrequent players who try their luck and further inflate the biggest prize.”

Powerball winners have a choice as to how they wish to receive the money. They can be paid annually for 29 years, or be paid a smaller lump-sum amount. Taking taxes out, the $441 million jackpot ends up at about $416 million. If a winner wanted it as a lump-sum, it would decrease to about $299.5 million. If not, the $416 million would be paid in graduated amounts beginning this year.

16 Missouri Coworkers Win Powerball Jackpot

In early December, 16 coworkers in Missouri got lucky. After pooling their money, they won the $1 million Powerball jackpot!

Going in together on the tickets became a tradition for the 16 coworkers. This is the first time they have ever won such a large sum of money, however. The $1 million prize splits 16 ways. This means that each coworker takes home $62,000 before taxes. Not bad at all!

The Missouri citizens are shocked that they hit the jackpot. Some of the 16 winners do not know what to do with the cash yet.

“I never thought that we would win anything substantial, just a few bucks here and there,” one of the winners told KAKE news station. “The money is going into the savings account for now, and I’ll decide later what to do, maybe go to Disney World.”

One of the winners, Annie Boren, is saving her money for a rainy day. She is happy she did not give up her share of the pool.

“I never thought I had a chance at winning the lotto and I honestly griped so hard each week about giving up my cash for it, the men probably wished I would have left the pool,” she says. “But each week I gave my share. I don’t really have any plans for the money other than saving the majority of it.”