Rare Abraham Lincoln Penny Sells for Staggering Price

by Victoria Santiago

A rare Lincoln penny from 1922 sold online for $2,910. Imagine finding one of those in your spare change! The penny sold after 32 bids were placed on eBay.

The penny, featuring 16th President Abraham Lincoln, is missing a mint mark. Typically, a mark should be visible under the coin’s mint year. A mint mark is a letter that identifies where the coin was made. For the penny in question, it’s missing a D under the year 1922. This type of rare penny has been referred to as the “1922 No D Lincoln cents.” Jamie Hernandez, a price guide editor for Professional Coin Grading 3Service says that there was “sloppiness in the production.”

Under 1922, the penny should have a “D” for Denver. Hernandez states that as a result of the sloppiness, “it is believed that a mint employee obtained an old obverse die and filed it down in order to improve its appearance. But instead, the mint employee ended up filing the D mint mark too much, and in return, created the 1922 No D Lincoln cents.” 

A No D Penny Could Go For Thousands on eBay

Two other pennies without mint marks have sold on eBay – one sold for $1,445 and the other sold for just over $2,000. Similar coins will often sell for wide differences in price due to the condition. Our No D penny that sold for $2,910 was in certified condition, which means that a coin grader certified its condition. Numismatic Guaranty Company graded the penny as AU 50. The company describes AU 50 grade as “slight wear on more than 50% of the design. Full details except for minor softness on the high points.”

There are a lot of Lincoln pennies listed on eBay with no D mark. The prices range from hundreds to thousands. It’s all dependent on the condition, of course.

As a matter of fact, certified condition coins can provide peace of mind in a variety of ways. Not only do certified conditions solidify a price range, they also help determine if a coin is real or not. It’s important to be aware of potential scams on eBay, or any selling platform.

Pennies Aren’t the Only Thing Making Bank on eBay

Additionally, a rare $5 coin was recently sold on eBay. A whopping 22 bids on the 1891 Carson City coin made the seller $1,178 richer. The coin is 90% gold, 10% copper. The coin features a half eagle on the back of the coin. Half eagle coins were produced from the late 1700s to 1929. Although more common than the other half eagle coins, it’s still valuable. Obviously, as with other coins, the selling price is determined by the condition.

All types of coins can be a potential windfall. For example, rare coins such as nickels, dimes, and half-dollars all have the ability to sell for thousands. Keep an eye on your change jar!