Santa Claus Saves Family from House Fire in New Jersey

by Clayton Edwards

Everyone knows that Santa Claus brings toys and Christmas joy to kids around the world. Usually, we don’t think of Santa as a hero. However, one New Jersey family can say that Saint Nick saved their lives as well as their home over the weekend.

On Saturday, December 18, Santa was bringing joy to kids in Pilesgrove, NJ from the back of a firetruck. He was riding with Reliance Fire Company on Ladder 12-6, according to While traveling through a residential area, Saint Nick and the fire crew saw smoke billowing from the eaves of a three-story home. That’s when Santa shifted into hero mode alongside the brave firefighters.

Hero Santa, Firefighters Save a Family

Father Christmas accompanied the Ladder 12-6 crew to the door to alert the family. It’s a good thing they did. The family, a mother and her five kids, had no idea that their house was on fire. If not for the hero Santa and his companions, the blaze would have likely destroyed the house. It may have taken the family as well.

Ironically, the hero Santa and his partners saved the family from a chimney fire. Fire Chief Brian Facemyer said, “It appears it was some type of malfunction with the chimney they had a wood stove burning and the fire was in the wall alongside the chimney where the wood stove was.”

Other fire companies arrived on the scene and extinguished the fire. Thanks to Santa and his hero partners, no one was injured in the fire. Furthermore, Chief Facemyer said that they were able to save most of the family’s home as well. Firefighters contained the damage to one wall and a bathroom.

Unfortunately, authorities deemed the family’s home uninhabitable. As a result, the American Red Cross stepped up and helped the family with lodging.

More About the Fire

Chief Facemyer said that the home is located in a rural area with no neighbors. So, the family got lucky that Santa and a crew of professionally trained heroes happened to drive by. Otherwise, no one would have known about the fire until it was too late.

About the team’s reaction to the fire, Facemyer said, “The crew did a great job of transitioning from a community event and jumped right into service and did what they were trained to do.” He went on to praise the crew for acting “quickly and professionally” to save the family and most of their home. More importantly, he is glad to know that everyone walked away from the fire unharmed.

So, it turns out that Santa Claus doesn’t just bring presents and eat cookies, he’s a hero. Our hats are off to Old Saint Nick and the firefighters who saved his family and their home.