Shoppers in England Complain of Rotten Turkeys Spoiling Christmas Dinner

by Samantha Whidden

Some Christmas dinners may have been ruined after shoppers in the UK complained about the turkeys they purchased being spoiled.

According to the New York Post, some of the UK customers reported that their turkeys were definitely not edible. The supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s, notably receives most of the complaints from customers. One customer told the company they were absolutely fuming that their Christmas dinner was ruined by a rotten turkey they paid £50 for. “After such a difficult year when we could finally celebrate with our family again, this has spoilt what should have been a brilliant day.”

Another customer also described their turkey as being rancid, brown, and stunk. Although there were customers that were addressing their turkeys not being edible enough to eat, others had a completely different experience. One person wrote that they had a lovely turkey that was pre-ordered and fresh for their Christmas dinner. “People need to stop complaining. If they have kept fresh meat for 5 days and it is off, their fridge is probably too warm.”

Meanwhile, Aldi was called out on Twitter as well, when customers wrote their turkeys were not only rotting but green. “So disappointed to open my turkey from Cardiff Bay store and see that it is rotten and smells absolutely rancid. Unfortunately drove down to the store, but it had closed 30 minutes earlier. Along with all other big supermarkets.”

UK Shops Faced Shortages of Paracetamol & Turkeys Prior to Christmas Day

According to the Independent, UK shops faced shortages of paracetamol and turkeys ahead of Christmas Day this year. 

The media outlet revealed that figures from the Office of National Statistics covered shelf availability of products between December 17th and 20th. It showed 24% of frozen turkeys were actually not available or stock was low. Meanwhile, the figure showed 25% for paracetamol. 

The notable shortage of skilled butchers has been mainly to blame in recent months for the growing risk to meat supplies over the Christmas season. In addition to the butcher shortage, there have also been supply chain issues through the UK. Which were brought on by Brexit and this summer’s “pingdemic.” 

The British Meat Processors Association also released a warning earlier this fall that turkeys would likely have to be shipped in from the EU ahead of the holiday season. However, the British Poultry Council head, Richard Griffiths, stated there would be a bird for everyone who wants one. But he did also make a disclosure that there would be less choice. 

“We’ve been able to streamline products and reduce the variety,” Griffiths explained at the time. “So that helps with the overall volume. There will be a focus on whole birds and very simple crowns and roasts.”