Snorkeler Follows Squid to Man’s Lost Wedding Band, Reunites It with Owner

by Jennifer Shea

Through the leadership of a squid and the wonders of the Internet, a snorkeler managed to return a missing wedding ring to its owner, who had lost it while diving.

Raquel Tobian came upon the ring while she was snorkeling in the Eden Rock area of the Cayman Islands. Tobian was following a squid through the water when an object shining in the sand caught her eye, UPI reports.

Unbeknownst to Tobian, three weeks earlier, James Ross had gone scuba diving with his wife, Kirsty McMillan, at Eden Rock. He’d only been wearing his wedding ring for about six months when he lost it while diving there.

Snorkeler Turns to Internet

“I lost it at some point during the dive, and although we searched for it high and low afterwards, we had no luck in finding it,” Ross told the Cayman Compass.

Enter Tobian. The snorkeler had just recently moved to the Cayman Islands from Ohio. And she happened to go snorkeling in the same area where Ross and his wife had been scuba diving.

So she plucked the ring out of the sand and brought it back with her. Once on dry land, Tobian posted pictures of the ring to Facebook groups about the Cayman Islands.

It didn’t take long for the Internet to work its magic. Facebook users leapt into action, making the connection between Tobian’s find and Ross’s loss almost right away.

“I had people reaching out very quickly, within the first hour,” Tobian said. “Shockingly, it took less than two hours for the Internet to find the rightful owners.”

Ross Is Saved from Planned Punishment

Meanwhile, Ross and his wife had searched everywhere but the bottom of the ocean for the ring. Alas, they turned up nothing.

“As the weeks went on, [and] it was looking less likely that we were going to find it, she started to cheer herself up by concocting my penance for losing it in the first place,” Ross told the Compass. “Her favorite plan was inviting all our friends and family to Loch Lomond – a beautiful loch in Scotland close to our home town – to watch me jump into the freezing cold water and bless the new ring we would need to buy.”

But then a friend of the couple send them a link to Tobian’s post. They chatted with the snorkeler over Messenger, then sent their own pictures of the ring so she could see if they matched.

Tobian and the couple then met up, and sure enough, it was the right ring. Imagine Ross’s relief at avoiding his wife’s planned punishments.

But he said he’d learned a key lesson about marriage from the ordeal: “Listen to your wife and remove [your ring] before diving.”