Soldier Plummets to the Ground After Parachute Refuses to Open

by Madison Miller

A group of soldiers was taking part in a parachute training course when the worst-case scenario became a reality.

A large group of soldiers were at the School of Military Parachuting in Melgar, Tolima in Colombia this past Saturday. Luis Alfonso Garces Vila put on his gear, including a parachute, and stood with his fellow soldiers in a helicopter.

Soldier Survives Nearly Deadly Parachute Accident

The group jumped and began to swim through the blue skies at rocket speed. As they are trained to do, each soldier began to pull their parachutes at the appropriate time. When Vila went to pull his parachute, it wouldn’t open.

He proceeded to plunge straight into the hard ground from a pretty extreme height. He fell onto no kind of protective surface, either. The terrifying situation is entirely on video as well. You can see him falling right in the center of the video. The fall itself is hard to see due to a tree in the front of the video.

The most miraculous part of it all is that Vila survived the situation, which normally is deadly for skydivers. He was treated at the scene and then transferred to a healthcare establishment close to the Tolemaida Air Base.

According to The Sun, as for his health, Vila is in stable condition. He is being treated for a broken leg as well as several severe bruises. Other than that, Vila is in healthy condition. It’s an extraordinary circumstance, given how high up he seemed to fall from.

There is an ongoing investigation regarding why the equipment failed. At the same time, some are reporting that his backup parachute may have gone off just as he was about to hit the ground. This may have lessened the impact of the fall by just a bit.

Plane Carrying Parachutists Deadly Crash

A plane was traveling with a group of parachutists when it suddenly crashed right after takeoff.

The plane was in the Russian area of Tatarstan when the deadly crash happened on October 10. Sadly, the result was 16 people were killed and then six were injured. There were 20 parachutists as well as two crew members on the plane.

According to Reuters, the plane was soaring at over 200 feet when the left engine suddenly failed. An emergency landing was attempted in a nearby city, but the wing of the plane hit a Gazelle vehicle on the way down.

This resulted in the plane turning over when it crashed, which is what led to such a high number of fatalities. The pilot was able to steer the plane from a heavily populated city in order to land somewhere uninhabited, however.

There is an ongoing investigation regarding the tragic incident. There is apparently a serious criminal investigation due to supposed violations of safety regulations. The aeroclub often uses that area for different championship competitions.