Some Americans Can Claim a $1,400 Stimulus Check Next Year: Here’s How

by Jonathan Howard

When the new year arrives, there will be potentially millions of families eligible for another $1,400 stimulus check.

Right now, the government is preparing to issue checks to families that qualified for the third federal stimulus but have not received those checks yet. If a household doesn’t have their check, it is likely due to their tax filing status from 2021. However, with tax season coming up, those corrections will be made.

Also, it is possible that a family has grown. Those that have had babies or taken on a new dependent may also be eligible for an additional $1,400 stimulus. Families will have to file their taxes with a Recovery Rebate Credit in order for the payments to be made.

The third round of stimulus checks was issued as part of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan. Those that are eligible for the checks have to have a gross income of $75,000 or less for individuals, or $150,000 for those filing jointly.

New children and dependents can be claimed on 2021 tax returns which are set to be filed in 2022. So, families have time to check if they are eligible. The early filing date is Friday, April 15, 2022. Depending on how your tax situation changed during the year, whether that means a new child or something else, will determine whether you are eligible for the payments in the new year.

Babies Born in 2021 Not Taken Into Account for Stimulus Checks, Correction Coming in 2022

When it came to the first round of sending out $1,400 checks, the information the IRS used was based on 2020 tax returns. So, there are potential changes that might not be taken into account. So, if you had a newborn in 2021, that newborn would not be reflected on your 2020 tax return.

When you file your taxes in the new year, the Recovery Rebate Credit is going to be what you file in order to get that money from the IRS. The payment will be applied to the tax return for the parent or guardian. Even if you didn’t have a child, you might be eligible.

Changes in income could mean that you are owed a $1,400 stimulus check. Additional dependents, not just newborns, could also be a reason that a family qualifies for one of these payments. Currently, there is no known number of families that are owed money. However, that is estimated to be in the millions.

When the total number of births this year is known, then that will give a better idea about how many families are owed checks. If an individual makes $80,000 or more or a couple makes $160,000 or more, then they will not receive checks. Those checks are being completely phased out for those income levels.