SpaceX Delivers Christmas Dinner to ISS on 2021 Final Mission

by Victoria Santiago

SpaceX just completed their last delivery of the year. They finished an overnight delivery to the International Space Station. There were a lot of things in the delivery, including 3 tons of cargo for experiments and necessities like laundry detergent. A special Christmas dinner for everyone aboard was also included in the delivery.

2021 Was A Busy Year For SpaceX

SpaceX has significantly contributed to the number of people that have entered space. Since the 1960s, we’ve been putting people in spacesuits so they can see lightyears ahead of the rest of us. This year, SpaceX put the 600th person in orbit since 1961. It’s still a monumental task, but with the creation of a company like SpaceX, the process has gotten easier.

In November, four astronauts got sent off into space. One of the astronauts, Matthias Maurer, was officially the 600th person to be sent into orbit. The other astronauts included Tom Marshburn, Raja Chari, and Kayla Barron. There was a delay in the record-breaking trip due to undisclosed issues with crew members. According to NASA, the issue was not COVID-19 related. Turns out, the weather was to blame. We all know that Florida weather can be sort of tricky at times. Anyway, it was raining by the time the rocket was officially allowed to launch, but it didn’t affect the takeoff process.

There’s technically no record to be broken, or goal to reach, but 600 people is still a lot. It speaks to our greater commitment to space travel and learning. 600 people in 60 years means we’ve sent an average of 10 people per year since 1961. The statistics for SpaceX are different, of course. As a whole, the company has sent 18 people into orbit over the course of 18 months. Four out of the five flights they’ve done have been with NASA. Their goal as a company is to send people to space. So far, they’ve been hitting that goal out of the atmosphere.

Other Contributing Factors for Increased Space Travel

It’s a new age for space travel. We’ve seen an uptick in the number of people going into orbit. This is largely due to companies and rich people, both of which want to experience what our galaxy has to offer. Namely, Amazon has taken an interest in space. There are certain individuals who committed to making the trip, too.

Many of the people that are given the opportunity find it hard to pass up. Of course, there are hurdles to overcome before going into space. It might sound easy, but health is a top priority before ever leaving the ground. Some people say that they have sleep problems and motion sickness once in space. Overall, those issues are temporary and are relatively easy to overcome. Regardless of any difficulties that could occur, most people can agree on one thing: it’s worth it.